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Adelaide Psychics

If you are living in Adelaide, your personal contact with the best psychic is just a phone call away. Seek an appointment with an Adelaide Psychics over the telephone and avail of obtain Psychic services. A personal Phone Psychic session with a Psychic from Adelaide can prove a great morale booster.

Speak to our Adelaide Psychics for an Amazing and Astonishing Psychic Experience!

Credit Card Phone Psychic Reading:

1800 732 337 (1800 READER)

Australian Credit Card, cost $2.50 AUD /min, 15 minutes minimum $37.50

Phone Charge Psychic Reading:

1900 999 252

Australian Phone Charge, cost $2.97 AUD /min (mobile phones extra).

Service Provider: Access Positive. If you are having problems getting connected to your selected psychic, please phone our help desk on 1800 732 337, $2.50 AUD per min, 15minutes minimum for $37.50 or you can email us at

Our Adelaide Psychic offer the following Psychic Readings:

The best way to seek psychic counseling is to personally meet the psychic at his office or residence. He can read your face and your aura closely and come out with helpful suggestions. But sometimes, a good psychic is located too far away to have personal one-to-one sessions. So you have to contact him either over the telephone or online through the internet.

We have all heard about the powers of blessings. A ritual of blessing some times consists of a light loving pat on the back, over the head or on the cheeks in case of a child. It can be through a handshake. The elevated masters or psychics can transfer their energy to their client seekers through the touch of their hands.

The master psychics always remain in active contact with the all pervasive divine energy. They are, in fact, the go-betweens, conduits of such healing energy and channelize it from its source to the clients. Their eyes radiate a rejuvenating stream of energy that enters the heart and soul of the seeker. Their powerful and positive thoughts are contagious.

A little time spent in meeting the psychic in Adelaide can go a long way in alleviating your long standing problems in personal relationships,  love affairs, marital adjustments, education, career, business and above all in your  health.

Sometimes the problems appear strange and inscrutable. Try, howsoever hard you may, they defy all attempts at solving them.  Your psychic Adelaide may study your problems through karmic astrology and trace their origin, for example, to your karmas or actions in your past life. He may thus change your perspective on looking upon your life’s situations. Some times the problems continue to exist, but you ‘understand and rationalize’ them in such a manner that they lose their punch. Your psychic in Adelaide may teach you how to take them in your stride till they go away on their own.

How a Psychic Can Help You Deal with Problems

Today’s modern lifestyle is filled with too much pressure and stress. The modern world is characterized by stiff competition thus everyone seems to highly stressed and faced with a lot of problems. Although stress, pressure and problems are common and natural today, they need to be addressed to ensure a comfortable life.

A live psychic phone reading can help you deal with all the stress, pressure and problems you have. A psychic is able to help you because she can show you what is going to happen in your future and at the same time show you how to deal with the future. She can also show you the opportunities that await you in the future. If you are aware of what the future has in store for you, you will be able to prepare for it and thus benefit more.

If you have a problem you cannot seem to have visible solution, a psychic can offer you possible answers.  A lot of people seek a psychic’s help each time they are faced with a problem. Conversely there are a lot of people who have no idea of how they can benefit from a psychic reading.  Knowing how you can benefit from a psychic reading and what you need to do to ensure a successful reading will help you get the most out of a psychic reading.

How then can a psychic help you deal with problems? She will be able to help you unload your burdens so you can solve your problem with a clear mind. You need to allow the psychic to see through your consciousness so she can read your vibes. A psychic can also provide spiritual healing as a way to remedy a health condition.

Online psychic readings are available through the telephone, email and chat. Regardless of the psychic reading you choose, it will definitely be able to offer you options on how to solve your problem. Choosing the option the psychic provides is all up to you.


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