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Medium Jane Roberts

(1929 – 1984)

Jane Roberts was a well known poet and author who was best known for her, psychic mediumship and channeling an entity named Seth. Seth was the best known channeled entity during the 20th Century.

Jane Roberts grew up in the Saratoga Springs in New York, attending Skidmore College, marrying a Painter named Robert Butts. They then moved to Elmira, New York. Before Seth’s arrival, Jane Roberts aspired to be a conventional literary career in a well established place, where she published her poetry and short stories in various local magazines.

While sitting at home, writing her poetry on the 23rd of September 1963, Jane Roberts had her first fully blown psychic phenomenal experience. She felt her consciousness being lifted out of her body, and suddenly her mind was filled with intriguing new ideas. When her consciousness returned, she noticed that through automatic writing, she had recorded the ideas that had flowed through her mind during the experience. The title of the writings was: The Physical Universe as Idea Construction.

Thus began her journey of Psychic Phenomenons, but unlike some Channelers that followed her, Roberts never sought huge paying audiences, and her sessions were mainly among friends at her home.

Roberts died in 1984 in Elmira, New York following a period of illness. Since then other Channelers have claimed to take up communication with Seth.

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