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Italia Psychic Readings

Letture psichiche

La nostra conduttura punta sulle letture psichiche è di fornirgli una comprensione nella vostra vita rispondendo alle vostre domande e dando il consiglio ed il supporto che li aiuteranno a condurre una vita felice e prosperosa.

Our Italian genuine psychics, clairvoyants, tarot readers, intuitive or mediums are available to you 24/7 by simply phoning:

(0011 44) 870 495 8019

$2.50 AUD per min, 15 minutes minimum $37.00. Credit Card Only

15 minutes minimum $37.50 AUD

Service Provider: Access Positive
Mobile and some country callers higher call rate apply


We welcome all clients from Italy. All our Italian clients can benefit from a psychic reading today at the cost of only $2.50 AUD p/min mobile phones extra.

Here at the psychic line, our psychics are waiting to talk to you. Some of the services offered by our psychics to our Italian clients:

Our psychics provide quality psychic readings to you any time of the day and anytime of the week. Our psychics will provide you with accurate psychic readings as well as life coaching, looking back at the past, understanding the present situation and looking toward the future and learn how to tackle certain issues.

Even though our Psychics are overseas, it does not prevent them from delivering the best quality of psychic readings. Providing a psychic reading to someone in Italy from Australia over the phone, is exactly the same as having a face to face psychic reading, because it is believed that the spirit world ignores time and distance.

Our gifted psychic mediums, through the help of channeling, can make contact with passed on relatives, communicating with them and healing old wounds.

A Italian Psychic Reading will enable you to find out what solutions can help a specific problem. Our Italian Psychics are here to help you organise your life, and alleviate the areas that cause you the most stress in your life.

Our Italian Psychic are certified professionals and are able to provide psychic counselling to those who need it most.

Italia Psychic

Psychics have been in Italy since the Romans. Our very ownn Psychic Medium Carol has a Roman Gladiator as her spirit guide.

Check out the profiles of our amazingly talented Psychic Readers and select a psychic that can help you with your specific needs.


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