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Psychic Academy

Although great and successful psychics are born with psychic abitlies, it does not, however, mean that an ordinary person cannot become a psychic. A psychic academy provides tutelage to both the born psychic and an ordinary student. It grooms and polishes the inherent talent of the born psychic and trains an ordinary student to acquire the psychic talent and become as successful as the born psychic through study, hard work, and determination.

There is no standard curriculum that is followed by the psychic academies, but there are certain important broad subjects and topics that all the psychic academies try to teach including various tools that psychics usually employ to perform their functions. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge of these subjects, the psychic academies also help the students develop the special psychic skills and abilities like:

The course curriculum may include the development of:

Psychic academies may provide real life and simulated situations to hone the psychic abilities of the students. Problems are an integral part of every body’s life, and so they keep arising. Students are provided the chance to study each other’s problems, and suggest solutions and provide counseling. All this is done under the guidance of the physic academy teaching experts.

Besides the psychic academies run by the individuals and private organizations, reputed universities and educational institutions across US and Europe also hold classes in teaching psychic skills and conducting experiments to further promote the psychic studies and research.

London College for Psychic Science is one such reputed college where well-known spiritualist medium like Douglas Johnson worked.  Alan Vaughan, also a psi specialist describes Johnson's teaching methods in his article, ‘Development of the Psychic,’ in Psychic magazine, August 1970 as  ‘A group of six to eight students meet for one hour each week. Seated informally about the room, which has been darkened, the students are asked to meditate for half an hour on an image proposed by Johnson, such as a beautiful sunset or a Chinese garden. Often, he asks the student to visualize light coming toward them. At the end of the meditation, he asks the students what other images intruded. Sometimes those images contain ESP about the others in the room.

After this initial period of stilling the mind, the students are asked to pick up psychic impressions about some ‘mystery object' which Johnson passes around. The students attempt to give objective information about the owner of the object, in what is termed ‘psychometry'. Often a ‘mystery visitor' becomes the target for the students. The mystery visitor affirms or denies the students' impressions, thus giving an immediate feedback so that they can learn to distinguish between ESP and ordinary imagery”

Freiburg University in Germany also holds classes in teaching ESP and the students pick up accurate information at a fairly good rate of success.

There are many parapsychological research laboratories that conduct teaching cum psychic research work in psychic subjects. Maimonides Dream Laboratory is one of the many in the field. It has ‘developed an ESP training technique using artistic pictures as targets. The basic method involved practice with targets and feedback plus meditation. Vaughan states that this technique served as the basis for ESP training techniques developed by William and Lendell Braud’

Alan Vaughan, mentioned above, continues to teach psychic development classes in the Los Angeles area. He believes that ‘the training works best with people who are highly motivated and have some way of integrating it into their lives’.

Psychic academies publish their research findings through the research papers, magazines  and books.Some psychic academies provide online psychical teaching as well.

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