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Touching the World of Psychometry

What is a psychic? And why do people continue to get amazed (or perplexed) with anything psychic-related? Well, in general terms, the term “psychic” refers to an individual who claims to have the ability to access or perceive information which  is  often hidden (or obscured) from the normal senses, by using different methods like extrasensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance and other methods. While many people do believe that psychic powers really do exist, some attribute these to plain delusion and trickery. Let’s discuss one notable psychic skill called “psychometry”.

What is Psychometry?

According to psychic researchers, psychometry refers to the ability wherein a person can “sense” or read the history of a thing or object, just by touching it. The psychic often does this after holding the object in his or her hand, or by placing the object in his/her forehead. The psychic can perceive the object’s history either through sounds, smell, taste, images, or even through feelings or emotions. For instance, the psychometrist can hold an old scepter, glass or any antique object, and just by touching it, he or she can sense the history of that object. The psychic could learn about who formerly owned the item, what experiences the owner had while possessing the object, and more. The psychometrist can even sense how the object’s previous owner felt, during a particular time.

Psychometry refers to the psychic ability wherein a psychic could tell certain events which have happened in the past or history associated to an object through physical contact. A psychic could basically receive or perceive impressions regarding an object or person through merely touching or holding them. Such perceptions may come in different forms including sounds, images, tastes, smells and even feelings or emotions. This is quite related to one of the popular branches of psychic ability which is clairvoyance or clearly seeing through the third eye. Psychometric ability allows a person to see something in the past which is not perceivable through normal approaches.

Who Invented The Term?

According to psychic phenomena researchers, the word “psychometry” was invented by an American physiology professor named Joseph R. Buchanan in 1842. In his experiments, he used his students as subjects, wherein he asked each of them to identify what type of drug or medicine was placed in certain glass vials. Buchanan then published the results of his experiments in a book titled “Journal of Man”, where he explained that all objects “have souls which keep a memory”. In 1919, a German psychic researcher and doctor named Gustav Pagenstecher claimed to have discovered “psychometric skills” in one of his patients. The patient was Maria Reyes de Zierold, and Gustav noted that she could place herself in a trance, and be able to unearth facts about a certain object, while simply holding it.

Is Psychometry A  Form of Clairvoyance?

Many  psychic researchers strongly believe that psychometry can be described as a special type or form of clairvoyance. This is because the psychometrist can gain psychic impressions about the object’s former owners, as well as learn about the past and present events in the life of the individual who used to own the object.

Although some think that psychometry is an ability that’s given (or controlled) by a higher spiritual being, many psychic experts believe that this talent is actually inherent, or latent, in all of us. If you wish to develop your budding psychometry skills, here’s how you can do it. First, choose a spot that’s relaxing and quiet, and free from outside noises or distractions. Next, sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and place your hands on your lap. Next, ask someone to place an object in your hands, and allow images or feelings to freely come into your mind.

Regardless of whether the impressions or feelings may sound meaningless or strange, make sure you take note of them, or speak them all (and don’t worry about the accuracy for the mean time). As a famous saying goes, “the more you try, the better you will become”. You should be able to see concrete results, once your mind and soul become used to seeing or sensing the information.

There are many cases when this method was used to bring closure or clarity to certain people especially regarding their past or dearly departed.

For instance, a psychic with extraordinary psychometric vision could hold a particular object belonging to a deceased person. Through touching this antique piece, he could tell the past experiences of that person, what he was like and the things they did when they are still among the living. They could even tell how a person died especially in stronger types of psychometric skills. One of the strongest impressions embedded in an object is emotions. This is what they meant when they say an object could speak to them or tell them something.

It is imperative to note that this type of ability may not be applicable to all types of objects which the psychic comes in contact with. moreover, accuracy of the reading may also be diverse according to the ability of the psychic. Psychometry has been in the psychic history for centuries dating as early as the mid-1800s. the first person who coined the term was Joseph R. Buchanan, who was an American professor of physiology.  He used this method to test his students if they could identify particular drugs through merely touching the vials containing them. A German doctor named Gustav Pagenstecher was inspired by this experimentation and enhanced the method through introducing the “experiential vibrations” present in the object.

Psychometric experiences insist that an object contains energy fields regarding the owner and passed on and recorded through generations.

Hence, it is believed that the energy field of the owner is still and will always be present in that particular object long after he is gone. The successful use of psychometric ability is closely related and attributed to the use of extra sensory perception. The psychic basically develops hypersensitive intuition in order to know and sense the energy field or “history” of a particular item. Nowadays, this method is no longer confined in psychic fairs and shows. It takes on a more serious toll and responsibility.

Psychics practising psychometry are known to be good guides, advisers and even grief counsellors. They use their abilities to help people get closure, peace of mind and profound understanding about a particular person or object significant in their past and present. It has also been an accepted method used in police enforcement to find missing people.

In the exciting world of psychics, the individual's paranormal ability or skill varies. Some psychics have the ability to communicate with spirits (mediumship), while others can predict the future (or determine the past) by using Tarot cards. Some however, have the ability to "sense" or determine the history or beginnings of a thing or object. This psychic ability is called "psychometry". Let's learn more about what psychometry is, and how it works.

A Different Type of "Scrying"

According to psychic phenomena researchers, "psychometry" is a skill wherein the individual can read or "sense" the object or thing's history, beginnings or early roots. The psychic does this by holding the object or thing in their hands, or by placing it on their forehead. The psychic can also perceive the item or object's past, by smelling, feeling (and even tasting) it. This psychic ability is also noted to be a different type or form of "scrying", which refers to the method of seeing something that's not visible by the naked eye, or by the five normal senses. How Does It Work? Here's how psychometry works. A psychometrist holds an old, or antique object, and he or she stays silent for a moment and meditates. After a few minutes, the psychometry expert will perhaps say a couple of things about the object's history and other pertinent information. The information could include the object's former owners, including the experiences of the person or persons who previously owned the item. The psychometrist could even determine the emotions or feelings of the person who owned it, at a certain time.

Famous Psychometrists Of The Modern Times

History has had numerous accounts of psychics who had well-documented psychometry abilities. Let's list down a few of the well-known psychometrists of the modern era.

The individual who invented the term "psychometry" was a US professor name Joseph Buchanan. He was also the first one to perform experiments on psychometry. He used his students as guinea pigs of sorts, wherein he asked each of them to identify the type of drugs or medicines inside the vials, just by holding the vial. Buchanan also asserted that all objects have "souls, which retain some form of memory.


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