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Psychic Distance

Psychic distance does not mean the spatial or geographical distance between the psychic and his subject or the client.  The geographical distance between the psychic and his client in the modern times can span over the continents. This is mainly because of the Internet and the other means of communication that have reduced the spatial distance to zero.

Psychic distance in the present context means the emotional distance or the space between the psychic and her client over which the Internet and telephone do not have any control. In this case it is the psychic who decides what psychic distance should be maintained between her and the client using the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors. It is like the teacher who decides how much liberty or space a student deserves to elicit a certain quality and quantity of the desired responses.

Since the psychic is the person who ‘doctors’, directs or manipulates the course of emotional or spiritual events leading to the resolution of the client’s problems, it is she who decides the extent of this psychic distance. The psychic decides how much emotional space or the intensity the client requires to experience psychic energy and also respond suitably for her own benefit.

The psychic approach does not lie in just one-sided flow of vibrations of energy or communication from the psychic to her client. The client too has to be receptive to that flow. It is like the psychic inducing trance in the medium. The medium has to suspend her ego or resistance to the suggestions and commands of the psychic to go into trance. Here again, the extent of the surrender of the medium’s consciousness is determined by the psychic and later on by the visiting spirit.

The process between the psychic and the subject is interactive with the provision that the psychic controls the level of motivation and predicts the emotional responses of her client. It is, therefore, the psychic who decides both the extent of space and the emotional liberty that the client can take within the prescribed space.

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