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The phrase ‘the psychic eye’ or the third eye, itself is as powerful as it is awe-inspiring. The third psychic eye is believed to reside in the center of the forehead just between the two eyes. The psychic by virtue of his past karmas, inheritance, meditation and dedicated hard work enlivens or reactivates this third eye, which in case of ordinary men lies dormant and inactive. When activated, the psychic eye emanates an invisible yet a strong laser sharp blazing beam of light that can pierce through the strongest barriers and locate the truth in its clearest contours. The other equivalent for the psychic eye, or in other words the third eye has its origin in the Hindu religious faith. Hindus worship God and call him Shiva, the Benevolent. A role associated with Shiva is to destroy the evil by opening the third eye, which unleashes the process of destruction of the evil and ushers in an era of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Parapsychologists and spiritualists have done a great deal of research about the third psychic eye and despite their different views on certain points,they broadly agree about the location and its potential.

According to one view, the human head has a gland called the pineal gland which is located in the central backside of the brain. Originally the size of the pineal gland was equal to a ping pong ball.When the human beings breathed, the breath containing the  pranic or the vital energy, passed through the pineal gland and kept it healthy and active. The pineal gland would allow the human beings to see the world in its entirety. But over the time, the breathing patterns went haywire and as a result the size of the pineal gland has now been reduced to that of a pea. The consequence of this is we have stopped seeing the things in their original images and therefore our interpretations too have become distorted.

The pineal gland resembles the shape of an eye. In fact it is as good as an eyeball just as roundly formed, with an opening on one side that contains a lens for focusing on the light. It can distinguish between colors and almost functions like an eye.
The pineal gland, howsoever small it is, contains all the geometries and information about how the world originated. The accomplished psychics are now trying to reLeem this lost information and also revive the original potential of the pineal gland.

There is another view too. According to it,  though all the organs of the body are either atrophying or developing, yet the pituatary body and the pineal glands still belong to another class of organs and therefore they are neither evolving nor degenerating, but are dormant.

Both the first and second view, however, concur that the pineal gland is a powerful organ, which can enable man to see the inner worlds, the state of human spirit before birth and after death and also the life in the invisible worlds.

Man, can, therefore, rediscover and redevelop the potential of the pineal gland, investigate the inner worlds, and become the master of himself and what he does. This type of clairvoyance is developed through pure and helpful living. This is exactly what the psychic does successfully and an ordinary person does not do because of ignorance, disbelief,  or indifference.

The word clairvoyance is quite logically associated with the psychic eye. Clairvoyance combined with the heightened intuition and trance empowers a psychic to perform the miraculous diagnostic and prognostic functions which bewilder both an ordinary person and an expert. The tools, that a psychic utilizes, work  successfully primarily in association with the clairvoyant psychic eye.

There is ample evidence to sugget that we did posses amazing psychic abilites in the distant past. The level of  ESP  possessed by the human beings in those times was  much higher than it is now. With the passage of time, as humans got more and more involved with the physical and the materialistic world they began to lose contact with their spiritual powers and energy.

The histories of the various  ancient cultures of the world are replete with stories of the  occurrences of extra sensory perceptions, intuition, telelpathy and also the physical prowess are too numerous to be recounted. Indian mythology mentions Sanjay, a personal assistant to Dhritrashtra in the epic of Mahabharata, who sitting five thousand miles away could narrate what transpired on the battle field. Sanjay and his countless peers had sensitized their physical senses, chakras and awakened their kundalinis. The tele-viewing  was a normal  and a routine capability. There was nothing exceptional, extraordinary or extrasensory about it. 

The wear and tear of the sensory organs with primordial freshness and energy, that characterized the human potential in those times, started atrophying and depleting the  divine capabilities with the passage of time. The inexorable process of evolution, or the reversal of it, took its toll. The ping pong sized pineal gland, according to some natural scientists, has been atrophied and reduced to the size of a pea due probably to change in breathing patterns.The pineal gland which had the divine vision and could see through the matter and possessed the ‘geometries’ of the world has now been relegated to the backside of the brain and  become dormant. Now, we are only dependent on our five physical senses though of ocurse there is an  occasional and transient  flashes of intuitions and telepathies which are a constant reminder of the treasure that lies buried within us.

The re-emergence and re-assertion of the psychic phenomena and its practioners have once again lightened the hopes in the revival of its old pristine glory,  prestige and power of the once powerful elementary human faculties. When the psychics cure the incurable maladies, that baffle the medical experts, the latter are forced to study and research the area which they, till recently, termed was the domain of the ignorant and the superstitious. When some psychics trace the intractable criminals who defy and dodge the ace sleuths of the all-mighty investigative agencies, the latter are compelled  not only to seek their assistance, but invite them to deliver lectures and improve the quality of  training the investigators.  Psychic phenomena, till recently considered a supersition remnant of the dark ages,is now being seriously studied and supportively researched in the reputed universities and colleges across the world. Special laboratories to research tools of the psychics such as telepathy, astrology, dream interpretation have been set up. Psychic practices are now being rationalized and researched with new perspectives  The science of parapsychology is breaking fresh ground in the areas of scientific knowledge and reasoning, varifying and confirming the existence of paranormal powers. The development in television and only confirming the existence of the human faculties which were jeered away as only figment of the imagination. The phenomenon of psychics, it seems, is all set to be restored to its old glory.

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