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Inspiration may have something to do with spirits. When you are truly inspired, you make a spirited speech that is bound to touch a chord in the audience. Inspiration is a state of the arousal of the mind to some special, unusual and creative activity. It appears that in such a state of mind the higher spirits affect the thought processes of the psychics in such a way that they make prophetic utterances. It is a typical psychic state of mind in which the psychic is receptive to a creative spiritual influence. The psychic may in a state of inspiration speak about things of which he does not have any special training or knowledge. Psychics may use highly technical language when they are in a state of trance, if the subject of the trance so desires.

Inspiration is a state of mind when the Muse or the guiding spirit of the psychic takes possession of her thought processes and speaks on her behalf through her vocal organs. Indeed there is nothing extraordinary or magical about this phenomenon. We have all heard great musicians, poets and theater artists and so on spellbinding the audiences with their inspired performances. Psychics are no exception. Being ultra sensitive they are even more receptive to inspiration from higher spirits than these artists as they freely communicate with the spirits through other media like trance or crystal ball gazing. It would not be wrong to infer that inspiration is a divinely activated state of mind.

Matthew Arnold once said of William Wordsworth’s poetry:
Nature takes hold of his pen and writes for him. In the case of psychics it is their guiding spirits and angels that take hold of their mind and speak for them. The consciousness of the psychic is pulled up by some super power, as it were, by a subtle thread and then that power starts pouring in the prophetic words. A stream starts flowing that sweeps off the listeners by the force of truthful utterances. These utterances may take in their sweep the past, the present and the future of the seeker clients.

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