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Psychic Network

A psychic network is a kind of dynamic and interactive community or a circle of people interested in the subject of psychics. The participants have various degrees of psychic abilities and achievements. They can be professionals, psychic experts, amateurs, novices, fun seekers, hobbyists and the skeptics coming to discover the truth about psychics or trying to pinprick the psychic balloon.

The psychic network may be organized into forums, chartroom or discussion groups and fan clubs according to the special interests of the individual members in different branches or disciplines of psychics. Each forum or group may consist of tarot card readers, astrologers, numerologist, friend finders, mediums, spiritualists, entertainment seekers, private discussion groups and so on. Each group has moderators, mentors or guides to regulate its activities, discussions and proceedings. There may be inter-disciplinary groups constituted of members having multiple interests. These members ‘exchange their notes, profiles and photos’, reveal their personal psychic experiences, interpret dreams, hold seminars, build psychic directories, discuss problems, ask questions and offer answers and suggestions. The network operates through live chats on the internet, phone calls and emails.

The organizers of the psychic network lay down certain rules and regulations to keep the networking in order and prosper further. The novice mediums and young teachers try and hone their interpretative and guidance shills.

These groups may have free and paid memberships. While the free members get ‘glimpses’ of the world of psychics, the paid members are the privileged ones who get a Leeper dip into it. The free members may seek limited information about their questions while the paid ones have access to detailed analysis and guidance about their problems. Each member is assigned a personal id and a password to maintain his secrecy. He/she is expected to observe certain level of discipline while participating in the network.

For example, there may be restrictions on the nature of discussions—they should be decorous and not obscene. They should not infringe upon the privacy of other members. There are rules about the number of questions each free and paid member may ask and the time each member may take so that the resources of the network are utilized equitably. A great advantage of psychic network is that its members offer psychic support to the members and open up new vistas of knowledge and experience.

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