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Psychic Paramount

Psychic Paramount, a Gamelan Into the Mink Supernatural instrumental music CD of the Aquarius Records, is comprised of rock numbers.  Throughout the Gamelan, bassist Ben Armstrong, channels the spirit of Jesus Lizard. There are no singers and neither is there any singing. Most of the artists belong to the erstwhile-disbanded rock group called Laddio Bolocko that had created a fantastic ‘white hot, black hole noise’.

The Psychic Paramount featuring guitarist and bassist Drew St. Ivany and Ben Armstrong attempts to map the unconscious and blends the melancholy and metaphysical anxiety into a psychedelic rock. The outcome is supernatural, more than any one could have hoped for. It appears that the artists have smashed the old Laddio Bolocko to pieces and rebuilt it into a bizarre and chaotic yet the most beautiful Frankesteinian psych rock.
The record begins with dreamy psychedelic sounds with equal parts of My Bloody Valentine and Teenage Filmstars. The guitars and the drums create awesome and sun drenched hypnotic melodies. The guitars careen and shriek out gorgeous fiery melodies with throbbing serpentine bass.

These melodies are devastative and guitars are played in such a complex manner that one tends to think that there must be at least three guitarists to create such a whirlwind of sounds. You may never have heard anything so psychic, strange, weird, catchy and noisy.

There is a confounding yet killer combination of chaos and confusion. “."X-Visitations" is a ten minute free noise dirge that slithers like snake and vibrates. The final track,” "Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural" starts off on jazzy notes ‘ building slowly in intensity and distortion till it begins to roll inexorably and rises steeply, dirty, crushing psyche-noise-rock. You feel like banging your head in a sympathetic abandonment and then the music is suddenly cut off and there is total stillness except for a very tiny and inaudible yet intense sign of the beat of the drum. You are jolted by a sort of awesome sadomasochistic dominance over the environment.

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