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Psychic Spells

If you think psychics are only good at reading Tarot cards, or predicting the future (as well as unearthing the past), think again. Depending on their qualifications and experience levels, some psychics also have the ability to formulate, and cast spells. According to psychic researchers, psychic spells are actually a way or method for focusing psychic abilities and powers, through the use of tested and proven methods, and techniques.  Let’s take a much closer look at the wisdom behind psychic spells.

What’s A Psychic Spell?

If you think that psychic spells are like the stuff that witches do, to turn their enemies into frogs or other inanimate objects, nope it’s not like that. A spell is actually a way for psychics to positively interact with the supernatural, spiritual or psychic energy that pervades in the universe.  The spells are also a way for psychics to harness and channel or direct their unique psychic abilities. It could also be used to help the psychic answer different questions about love, relationships, career, finance and other questions that the individual is looking for.

A psychic spell is a magical tool that makes another person think and act the way you like. A spell may act in two ways. It may act both positively and negatively, i.e., it can be a boon or a bane. In case it acts positively and helpfully, it is usually called a spell. In case, however, it acts negatively and harmfully, it is called a hex.

How does the spell work?psychic spells

Psychic Spells are basically a function of our mind. It is an act of willing strongly with concentrated and focused attention upon some person or situation you want to morph. It is like focusing powerful laser sharp rays on an object, which brings a qualitative and quantitative change in the character and constitution of the object.

We all have heard that strong human mind or faith can move the mountains. The phenomena of the mind acting strongly enough to change the heart of another person is called casting spell.

The psychic's acquire the power to cast spells through long and arduous meditation and similar other practices that require rigorous, sustained, self-abstaining and disciplined life.

Psychic Spells, is, therefore, a powerful tool that can be used to alter your world in areas of love, money, career, sexual relationships and bad karma. It can make your wildest dreams come true, which is not possible through mundane efforts and knowledge. A spell can sweep you off with its surprising, quick and powerful impact.

Imagine attracting someone who is not sexually responsive to you! Still better, imagine losing your unhealthy and morbid weight, getting rid of your old, hardened smoking habit, receiving promotion in your status or a badly needed raise in your salary!

A spell empowers you to change your future and your destiny. You get the bad things out of your way in your life and bring back success, luck, love, health and happiness. Psychics use their infinite power of mind to cast spells to bring about positive transformation in the life of their client subjects.

Spell is an important tool in witchcraft. It must, however, be borne in mind that the true psychics or witches will never use a hex to influence a course of action in negative and harmful way. They believe in the fundamental law of karma. You sow a wind and reap a whirlwind.

It acts both ways. You sow one seed of sweet fruit, and reap tones of it at a later stage. You sow a thorn or dig a pit for others to fall, and you will be the first person to fall into it and hurt yourself.

So before you ask a psychic or a witch to help you out of a situation by using spell, be sure, whether you are committing a sin by unnecessarily harming others or doing something for your own benefit without hurting the interests of others.

Psychic Spells As A Form of Meditation

Apart from being utilized for harnessing and directing the powers of a psychic, spells are also a way for the individual to meditate. By meditating, the psychic will be able to sharpen his or her psychic skills, and manipulate this cosmic energy to enable the spell caster to focus their mind, and achieve their goals (whether they’re a clairvoyant, medium, Tarot card reader or ESP expert).

What Rituals Are Involved In Creating Psychic Spells?

A conventional psychic spell is created for seeing the future, revealing the truth, as well as for psychic protection. The rituals or procedures involved in making one may include creating chants, and developing potions, as well as burning incense or candles, bathing in herbs and oils, and more. The spells are often chanted, sung or softly spoken, and will usually follow a certain traditional wording or structure. The casting of the spell could also be done alone, or with a group. Regardless of which structure or pattern is used, the spell s mainly created to sharpen the focus of the psychic, and to allow them to use their powers and abilities to the fullest.

How To Find Real Psychic Spell Casters

If you are in search of legitimate, and real psychics (or psychic spell casters), here are a few helpful ideas to keep in mind. Fake psychic spells caster generally may not be able to answer questions reasonably, and they may also give you a number of flimsy (or outright stupid) excuses, which will push you away from them. A real psychic spell caster is one who makes the client or customer feel truly relaxed and at ease. He also asks simply questions, and does not sound too obtrusive or irritating.

By mastering the art of creating spells, the psychic will not just be able to focus his or her mind, but also learn how to clear their thoughts of any negativity, and enable them to attain peace of mind, and fully utilize their special skills and talents.

Here is a list of some of the spells that the psychics may help you with:

  1. Love Spells
  2. Seductiveness spell
  3. Bring your ex back spell
  4. Attract a new love spell
  5. Increase self-love spell
  6. Mend a broken heart spell
  7. Keep your lover faithful spell
  8. Commitment spell
  9. Getting over someone spell
  10. Marriage proposal spell
  11. Influencing marriage spell
  12. Enhancing fertility spell
  13. Sexuality spell
  14. Sexual fulfillment spell
  15. Sexual fantasies spell
  16. Longer staying power spell
  17. Driving your partner crazy spell
  18. Making yourself irresistible spell
  19. Increase your partner’s desire for you spell
  20. Increase the number of partners spell
  21. Spice up a relationship spell
  22. Have more sexual confidence spell
  23. Attract a new lover spell
  24. Find romance with a stranger spell
  25. Have multiple partners spell

A psychic is often hailed as a very special individual, because of he/she has the ability to connect with a higher, more elevated spiritual, or supernatural realm. Psychics come in different shapes and sizes too. Some are good at reading Tarot cards, while others have the ability to communicate with spirits, or souls of the dead. Some psychics are also good at creating, and casting spells. Let's go further, and discuss what psychic spells are really about.

What's In A Magic Spell?

Most of us would perhaps already be familiar with magic potions and spells, because you always see witches and magicians casting spells, or turning enemies into frogs, in a lot of cartoon TV shows or fantasy thrillers. Well, if you look at the dictionary, a "spell" is defined as a set of words which are either spoken or unspoken, and are used by someone to have some mystical or magical effect on someone else. Spells are usually cast with a set of words, along with some formula or portion, to become effective.

How Are Psychic Spells Utilized?

In real life however, a real psychic does not use a spell to turn his enemies into frogs or other animals (or make someone fall madly in love with them). A psychic spell rather, is used by the individual to sharpen, and strengthen his or her psychic powers. The spell could come in the form of a meditation, through which the psychic can relax, ease away all earthly worries or thoughts, and enable the person to dig deeper into his subconscious. Psychic spells are also used by some to condition and train their minds, so that the "energy pathways" in the psychic's mind will become clear, and much stronger.   

Are Psychic Spells Helpful?

There are many reasons why a lot of people come to see psychics. Some go to the psychic to ask for help in making decisions about career and business. Some ask for help with love and romance, while others ask  for relevant health advice. Well, psychic spells Are actually a very powerful tool, because they don't just sharpen the psychic's intuition, but it could also be used for a wide array of applications and reasons - love, money, career, sexual relationships, Karma, spirit communication, health and more.

If you want to learn more about creating psychic spells (or if you'd rather wish to learn how to develop your very own psychic skills) , then it would be great if you could get advice (and training) from an experienced and legitimate psychic. This experienced psychic should serve as a reliable "guide", who could teach (and fully explain) the basics, and advanced ideals, of psychic research and phenomena. The psychic could also help you successfully connect with your subconscious, as well as aid in harnessing and releasing your innate psychic skills. With proper guidance and supervision, you could perhaps in the very near future, be more than able to create your own unique (and truly potent) psychic spells


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