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Psycho Kinesis

Psychokinesis is a hybrid word derived from the Greek words representing mind and motion. Even more than telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition, psychokinesis strains credulity, for unlike extrasensory perception and its varied receptor states, psychokinesis is an outward expression of psychic power by allegedly unexplained and invisible means. And some researchers who may in certain cases accept the possibility of extrasensory perception seem to rebel at the idea that the mind alone may affect physical change.

Nonetheless, intuitive belief in some form of psychokinesis is manifested in myriad ways by people everywhere. The golfer and bowler, for example, twist and contort their torsos after sending the ball on its way in an effort to guide it to the target; the gambler blows on his dice and implores them to fall in beneficial patterns; and the card player talks to his deck of cards. All are attempts, however whimsical, to influence the course of events through the power of the mind.

Yet historically, reports of psychokinesis incidents have been much less frequent than tales of telepathic communication and precognition perception. Some cases of allegedly spontaneous psychokinesis have involved objects that inexplicably fell off a shelf at a moment of personal crisis or clock that, in words of a song stopped short, never to go again, when the old man died. More common occurrences have involved claims of consciously caused psychokinesis - rainmakers who asserted that they could control the moisture in the skies; the medium of the 19th century who claimed to be able to move tables and provoke matter-altering feats.

Understanding Psychokinesis

To understand psychokinesis you must first know the existence of energy in all beings, living or not. This energy begins in the brain. All energy forces are connected with one another. You must always remember that the brain is very powerful and can control anything it wishes.

Psychics have the ability to control their mind and use its energy to perform or receive psychic phenomena. There is no profound explanation on how psychokinesis works but one should know that the brain is so powerful that it is possible.

Those who want to try psychokinesis can do so by learning how to focus their mind. It would be best to develop psychic ability first because this will lay the foundation.  If you want to practice psychokinesis you should first meditate for a few minutes and make sure that your mind and body are already centered. You can start with a simple paper clip. You should put all your thoughts on the paper clip.

After feeling and understanding the paper clip, you should start to make it move. It both sounds easy and silly but psychokinesis works that way. Imagine that you are moving the paper clip with your hands but in reality you are just creating an extension of your hand with your brain. You should think that paper clip is already moving and it will as long the energy that your mind sends is powerful enough for the object to receive.

Remember that learning psychokinesis is not an overnight thing. It takes practice, discipline, and motivation. You should keep in mind that many psychics took months before they perfect the craft. Psychokinesis is putting all the energy in your mind to one thing. This is not an easy thing so do not be hard on yourself or question the power of psychokinesis.

If you’ve heard of famous psychics or magicians like Uri Geller, who was famous for bending spoons and forks without touching them, then you probably may have a good  idea of what “psychokinesis”, or telekinesis means. Let’s look more closely at the meaning of psychokinesis, as well as take a sneak peek at the famous (or infamous) individuals in history who exhibited psychokinetic abilities.

The Ability To Use Mental Powers To Move/Distort Objects

Psychokinesis is generally defined as the ability to harness, and use, one’s mental powers or abilities to move, as well as distort, different objects, even without any physical contact. Psychokinesis can be done consciously or unconsciously, This psychic ability is also referred to as “telekinesis”.   The word was derived from the Greek term for “psyche”, which means mind, and “kinesis”, which means motion or movement. It was first officially used or coined in 1914 by Henry Holt, an American author who wrote the book “On The Cosmic Relations”.

What Are The Different Forms Of Psychokinesis?

According to veteran psychic phenomena researchers, there two major types of psychokinesis. These are “macro-PK” and “micro-PK”. Micro-PK refers to psychokinetic effects which are visible or can be seen by the naked eye. Micro-PK on the other hand, refers to psychokinetic effects that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and can only be seen or detected by either a machine, or by some mathematical or statistical formula. 

Who Are History’s Famous Psychokinetics?

There have been accounts of people who either truly possessed psychokinetic or telekinetic powers, or spuriously claimed to have them. One of the most famous psychics is Uri Geller. Uri Geller is an internationally-known Israeli magician, illusionist and television personality. His trademark skills include bending spoons and other objects through the use of mind power. Russian psychic Nina Kulagina was believed to have been filmed in the 60’s and 70’s performing telekinesis in black-and-white short films. Some critics however, claimed that Nina concealed or disguised threads, as well as used hidden small pieces of magnets when conducting her supposed telekinetic abilities. American James Hydrick was also noted to have used his telekinetic powers to turn book pages, and make pencils spin around while being placed at the edge of a desk. Russian psychic Boris Ermolaev was also known for levitating small objects between his knees,

Regardless of whether psychokinesis has been truly proven to be real (or fake), it is still currently being investigated, analyzed and tested. At present, psychokinesis is used to refer to New Age beliefs and parapsychology subjects that involve influencing physical systems or objects. Control of electrons, control of air, and even “transmutation” of matter.

And even though scientists have been investigating psychokinesis, and documenting all events and occurrences,   the scientific community still has had very little success in determining or proving the veracity of the purported skills of famous personalities such as Uri Geller, Nina Kulagina and others. However, for true-blue adherents of psychic phenomena, psychokinesis is real, and there are certainly people who have the ability to do it. 

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