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Indian Numerology

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a predictive science of numbers that reflect the personality traits, character tendencies and aptitude of the person. Each letter is assigned a numeric value that provides a certain vibration which is an integral part of the cosmic energy. The sum total of the numbers in your date of birth and the sum of the value derived from the letters in the name cause an interaction in vibrations. These numbers reveal a great deal of information about the character, purpose, the motivation in life and the dormant talents of a person. The masters of numerology use the numbers to decide the appropriate time for important moves and activities in life. Numerology can be used to determine the best avenues of investment, best time to marry, who to marry, when to travel, change the jobs or relocate. Numerology experts analyze the compatibility between the birth number and name number. Numerology can be used for your day-to-day, weekly and monthly predictions.

Indian Numerology

Indian numerology can make strikingly accurate prediction about the character and destiny of the seekers. It calculates the psychic number, the name number and the destiny number and correlates them with the planetary movements and positions. The objective is to apply numerology to every aspect of human life, that is, personality, temperament, intelligence, talents, sexuality, spirituality, finances, travel and health. It can help you know which colors are beneficial for you, which diamonds or gems you should wear and which mantras can promote your health and prosperity. Indian numerology assigns three important numbers for each person.

The Psychic Number

Your psychic number reveals the way you look upon yourself, your agenda in life and what are the defining traits of your character and personality. It deals with your predispositions and talents and how you use them to interact with various situations in your daily life.

The psychic number is calculated by making a single whole number starting from 1 to 9 of the day of the month you were born. If for example, you were born on 17th June, your psychic number is 1+7 = 8.

The Destiny Number

While you psychic number indicates your own attitude and assessment of your personality, your destiny number helps you to understand how the world looks upon you. Your destiny number is related to your natural habits or ‘sanskars’ the attitudinal patterns or reflexes acquired from your past. These natural habit patterns emanate from your past actions or karmas. People around you or with whom you interact judge you by your karmas and attitudes. As you develop your personality traits, you will take on more and more characteristics of your destiny number.

Although the psychic and destiny numbers play important role in the life of every person, the psychic number tends to recede in the background between the ages of 35 to 40 while the destiny number becomes over active during this period.

Destiny number is also a single whole number that can be calculated by adding the date, month and the year of the birth of a person. If, for example, you are born on June 15 in 1985, your destiny number is 6+1+5+1+9+8+5= 35. Now adding 3+5 gives you 8 as your destiny number.

The Name Number

The name number is the most important part of your numerical assets in your interaction with the people around you. If you have more than one name, you can have more than one name numbers. This is because some persons have both a pet name and a formal name. Changing your name and then acquiring a new name number may enhance certain qualities of your psychic and destiny numbers and reduce incompatibility between them.
Name numbers are difficult to calculate as each character in the name number has specific sound frequency that is related to a particular number.

What Each Number Means

Numerology is done by getting one vibratory number from a person’s significant number like a date of birth. Odd numbers is considered masculine while the even numbers are feminine. This is not to say that all odd numbers refer to men and all even numbers refer to women. This classification refers to traits that are commonly used for the words masculine and feminine.

Let us start with the number one. The number one is unity. This defines a leader and one that is eager to be on top of everything.

Two. This number defines those who are uncomplicated and accepting.

Three. This number symbolizes the Holy Trinity. Those who are under this number are fun and adventure-loving.

Four. This number defines those who are goal-oriented. Fours believe that there is no easy road toward a goal. But the downside is that they are so focused they often do not enjoy life.

Five.  The number five represents the five senses. Fives are said to love change. They love extraordinary things. Most of the fives are risk takers. They act before they can even think of what they will do.

Six. The number six shows the most feminine side of mankind and that is motherhood. Sixes are natural home-maker and problem-solvers.

Seven. The number seven is considered as the holiest number. Sevens are usually loners. They are intellectual and frugal.
Eight. This is the number that represents materialism and infinity. Eights love wealth. They are good in making money work for them.

Nine. This number is considered powerful and represents achievement. Nines look at the big picture and set their eyes on the goal. They are very creative even though sometimes they can also be self-centered.
Eleven. This number is both feminine and masculine. This is the number of spiritual insight. Elevens are practical and sensible.


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