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Numerology is the ancient study of numbers and their meanings. Numerology is based on the belief that your name and birth dates influence your character and the events that will take place during your life. It has been practiced in China, Rome and Greece for thousands of years.

Numerology has recently experienced a revival along with Tarot and astrology. An increasingly popular practice, Numerology aims to create higher levels of self-awareness and self-understanding within the individual through the interpretation of number co-ordinations. Numerology can also be practiced solely, or used in addition to the zodiac signs of the horoscopes.

Modern numerology adopts the Pythagorean system which assigns a number to every letter in the alphabet. In the psychic world numbers assume a Leeper more profound meaning which are open for interpretation. During a numerological psychic reading, number values are added together in various combinations to reveal important information about your life. This information can create a healthy self-awareness that allows you to take a more objective view of yourself and others around you. Numerology helps you to know yourself and to interpret the actions of others with greater understanding.

The benefits of numerology have been vastly published and practiced throughout history and in today’s fast-paced world the science of numerology continues to offer a wide range of support to the individual regarding love, life and health issues.

Numerology covers a wide range of topics including the significance of names, birthdates, habits and personality connections. A numerological reading can also point to years or months of change in your life. This information can help you plan better for the future and to allow time for major adjustments.

Here is how a numerology reading can help you understand yourself and plan your future.

A standard practice in numerological analysis and prediction is to assign numbers 1-9 to the first 9 letters of the alphabet starting with A to I. The process is repeated for the next 9 letters, ie J to R and finally the remaining 8 letters from S to Z are assigned 1-8 numbers.
The alphabetic letters in the name are then reduced to numbers which are manipulated through different methods of mathematical calculations to arrive at a decisive single or double digit number.

Different numerologists use different methods of calculating the decisive digit or number and give it some unique name depending upon the nature of the popular queries such as the Life Path Number, Fortune Number, Personality Number, Heart Number, Love Number and so on. They also use these numbers to study and analyse the traits of nature and personality of the clients and also predict their future based on them.

A sample numerological reading based on the Life Path or Destiny Number

In most cases, the Life Path or Destiny numbers range from 1 to 9, but also exceed them in some cases. Once the number is arrived at, the numerologists interpret it in terms of the traits of nature and personality and destiny of the clients. The numerology reading goes on somewhat like the zodiac signs in astrology.

Interpretation of Life Path Number 1

A client holding Life Path number one is generally a born leader who follows the dictates of their own reason rather than listening to the counsels of their companions and followers. They zealously guard their independence of thoughts and actions. They are focussed on their goals and try to overcome the fiercest of hurdles that crop up in course of their efforts.

They, of course, enlist the cooperation of their teammates and followers, but accept the ultimate responsibility for the consequences without entering into acrimonious debates.

The problem with such people is that   they are like huge banyan trees which provide cool and comforting shadow to those who seek shelter from the scorching heat of the summer sun but do not allow other seeds to grow and prosper under them. They vehemently resist any attempt on the part of their followers to rise in stature to the extent that it might challenge their superiority.

Truth about the accuracy of interpretation and divination

Interpretation and divination based on the decisive number is, obviously, the most critical component of Numerology. You can buy any popular book on Numerology and follow the given procedure to arrive at the critical master number.  But mere knowledge of making mathematical calculations would not do the job.

What really matters is that you have to deliver reliable and convincing interpretation including analysis of the traits of nature of the client and also make predictions besides providing guidance and counselling.

This is really an onerous job. Only seasoned numerologists who are blessed with psychic powers of intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, sixth sense and insight can make true interpretation of the final number, whatever its name. As an enlightened client you have to be extremely careful in choosing the right numerologist for receiving the accurate predictions.

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