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Clairvoyant is a French word. Clair means clearly and voyant means seeing. So clairvoyant means seeing clearly. In psychic terms clairvoyance is an ability for extrasensory perception. Clairvoyance allows a person to perceive distant objects, events, persons and so on. Clairvoyant psychics can see beyond the veils of space and time. They can see the past, present and future of a person and also the course of events related to him /her or situation.

clairvoyantClairvoyance is also known as remote viewing, sixth sense or the third eye. Though clairvoyance literally is a visual phenomenon, it also includes clairsentience or feeling, clairaudience or hearing and kinesthetic impressions or impressions about movements. Most people are born with clairvoyant abilities at varying degrees of development but the unnatural social norms and restrictive training regime curb these innate abilities with the passage of time.

Some people are, however, fortunate enough to be born with an exceptionally higher level of clairvoyance and they reveal this talent in their childhood itself. This ability may have been inherited from the clairvoyant parent/s or grandparent/s. Or, it may also be a part of their process of spiritual evolution continuing from one birth to another birth. In other words it may be a result of their past karmas.

The dormant clairvoyant abilities can also be reawakened by returning to the level of childlike simplicity and innocence. This can be achieved through the tutelage of some clairvoyant teacher or a guru. The training may require living a life of discipline, learning yoga, meditation and breathing exercises leading to relaxation of the mind and emptying it of the clutter of negative thoughts and feelings. Once the garbage of negative and convoluted thoughts is cleared off, the mind returns to its natural stage of innocence and simplicity. The training may also help the seeker to utilize his brains and lungs to their full potential through thinking and breathing exercises also called pranayam. The yogic exercises combined with pranayam and meditation may open the third eye or reactivate the sixth sense.

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Clairvoyant Reading: Many Things That Clairvoyant Eyes See

Consulting a psychic has many benefits for seekers. Some may think that visiting a clairvoyant is only on desperate cases then they think wrong. Though the ability of clairvoyants is far from what is normal and acceptable, it provides a lot of help to seekers who are going through a lot of confusion and doubts. Clairvoyant readings can serve as precautionary measures before things go out of hand and the effect irreversible.

The one thing that a clairvoyant reading can provide best is knowledge that leads to understanding. Most of the time things seem harder than they seem because humans overthink, missing the real cause of the concern. A clairvoyant reading can help seekers cut to the chase and understand that the solution is already lying in front of their very eyes. When a clairvoyant reading shows seekers what they see, it is amusing for seekers how they were not able to see the answers all along.

A clairvoyant, aside from dealing with concerns during the waking hours, is the perfect psychic to consult about dreams as well. Clairvoyants are the psychics with the inner sense of sight and most messages come in their sleep. The times that important information comes to clairvoyants in their dreams are uncountable and because of these they have been able to connect point A to point B. The significance of each element together with their psychic ability is the perfect way to make an accurate dream interpretation. There are dream dictionaries that are available in bookstores but these are not accurate because interpreting dreams need something more than written texts. They can give idea but not a whole lot of it that is why it is still best to consult a clairvoyant for dream interpretation.

Clairvoyants also have the ability to see the future. This ability is called precognition. With precognition, clairvoyants can provide good insights to anyone who seeks. This is very beneficial especially if the seeker is about to take on his life’s turning point. There are decisions that are really hard to come by and clairvoyant’s guidance might make it a lot easier. Aside from the future, clairvoyants can also see things that are happening in another place regardless if it is on the other side of the globe. Flashes of images come to clairvoyant psychics. This is helpful in providing warning and information especially on issues that can affect a whole community.

Consulting clairvoyants has other more benefits than what are aforementioned. Seekers need only to ask for help and clairvoyants are sure to lend a helping hand or, in a clairvoyant’s case, eyes. They can give very good insights about any aspect of life. Having another set of eyes looking at things can bring a lot of perspective even more when it is looked at by a clairvoyant. There are things that humans fail to see because they are too occupied with what’s on their minds.

Clairvoyants offer a clean slate ready to be filled with what is important and things that need to be seen.



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