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Psychic Dowsing

No one knows when, where, and who the first psychic dowser - one who by unexplained means could locate underground water, minerals, oils, treasures, or even a lost person - began to practice his art. A cave painting in the Sahara from about 6000 BC shows a figure holding what appears to be divining rod, but one cannot be sure.

Dowsing, in its modern form, appeared in the written and graphic records in the Middle Ages. At the end of 17th century, French police asked a psychic dowser to help them solve a grisly axe murder and theft in Lyons. The psychic dowser led them to a far-off town and there identified a petty criminal, who later confessed to having a part in the crime.

The standard practice of psychic dowsing is for the dowser to walk slowly over the ground to be surveyed, holding in front of him a forked stick, a pair of rods or a plumb line. While walking, the dowser is supposed to be concentrating on, and preferably, saying aloud the precise nature and depth of the thing he is looking for. When he finds the right spot, his stick will suddenly bend down; or if he is carrying rods, the rods will be either diverge or cross; or if his plumb line will start to swing erratically.

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