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How To Be A Competent Tarot Reader

The tarot deck is a very special set of cards, and it's not like your usual playing card set.  The card has been used for centuries by mystics, gypsies, fortune tellers and mediums for predicting the future, as well as for enhancing a person's inner self and intuition.  If you have an intense desire to become a reader, here are number of helpful tips on how to become a very competent tarot reader.

Strengthen Your Intuition

Before using a card, you first need to elevate your consciousness, and connect with your inner self, to enable you to fully utilise the cards.  To strengthen your intuition, you need to meditate regularly, as meditation helps in enabling the person to relax, focus his mind, and elevate his consciousness to higher levels. As soon as you're able to elevate your awareness and perception levels, you can now easily interpret different tarot spreads, and give a more comprehensive reading to your subjects.

Reading the TarotSelect The Right Deck

Choosing the right deck is also crucial to giving out a balanced tarot reading.  If for example, you get the wrong deck, you are likely to provide an inaccurate reading to someone else, and this could confuse as well as upset the person.  According to long—time tarot users, instinct is key in selecting the right tarot deck.  Make sure you carefully look at the cards, and assess how you feel with what you see.  Ask yourself  if the card's imagery speaks to you.  Next, shuffle the cards, and feel each of them.  Ask yourself if you feel heavy in your hands, or do you feel comfortable or nervous when shuffling it. To know the right method for shuffling tarot cards, buy an instructional booklet from a New Age shop or bookstore, and start practicing the different shuffling methods, until you feel comfortable enough in laying out the cards.

Set The Right Environment For Doing A Reading

Location also plays a major role in giving out a good tarot reading.  Before doing a reading, set aside a room or secluded corner in the house as your reading area.  Make sure the room or corner is far from any outside noises or distractions.  A relaxing and stress-free room provides a great backdrop for performing a tarot reading. A serene location also enables the reader to achieve a higher sense of awareness and perception, which gives him better chances of analyzing a spread, and connecting with his or her subject.  You can also use a number of props for creating a peaceful,serene environment, like lighting a candle, spreading some incense or playing a soothing CD of nature sounds.

Before doing a reading, it would truly be helpful if you first pray, and ask for guidance and help from a higher spirit. As soon as begin shuffling the cards, keep the subject's questions firmly in your mind, and reflect on it as you continue shuffling.  Next, stop the shuffling, and then slowly lay out the cards.  Now, turn over one card at a time, and observe each card carefully, and make sure not to rush in giving out any reading or interpretation.



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