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Major Arcana

The name, Major Arcana, was first coined by Paul Christian. They are also known as trumps, trumps major or major trumps. They were originally the permanent trump cards. Therefore, they are the principal or the key cards in the tarot deck.

Each Major Arcana card represents a person, a scene or a story theme, which is of representative or universal nature.

The picture on the card also contains other symbolic elements that are typical of human thought trends, ambitions, pursuits and actions. Each card bears a name and a picture that characterize the card.

For example, the first Major Arcana card is called Fool card. The picture on the card shows a Fool, a young man setting out on a journey of life. He carries a pack slung over shoulder. He is depicted walking over the edge of a cliff.

A small dog is following him. It is there probably to warn him to be careful of his step. Major Arcana, in short, depict concepts and generalizations about human life.

The Fool

0 The Fool

The Magician

I The Magician

The High Priestess

II The High Priestess

The Empress

III The Empress

The Emperor

IV The Emperor

The Hierophant

V The Hierophant

The Lovers

VI The Lovers

The Chariot

VII The Chariot


VIII Strength

The Hermit

IX The Hermit

The Wheel of Fortune

X The Wheel of Fortune


XI Justice

The Hanged Man

XII The Hanged Man


XII Death


XIV Temperance

The Devil

XV The Devil

The Tower

XVI The Tower

The Star

XVII The Star

The Moon

XVIII The Moon

The Sun

XIX The Sun

The Last Judgement

XX The Last Judgement

The World

XXI The World


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