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Deja vu which is also known as precognition is the knowledge and perceiving future events where no control can be exercised over. It is also the feeling that the event that you are experiencing at the moment, have happened before, but you have no recollection of going through it in the 'real' world.

The Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought defines Deja Vu as (already seen) the phenomenon whereby a person feels, contrary to reason that he has previously experienced or lived through some presently occurring event or situation.

In precognitive dreams, the dreamer actually experiences the event, in whole or in part before it actually occurs. These dreams actually or usually predict events that might relate to important areas of your life.

Another theory exists is that the world is going through cyclic time, that is what ever has happened in the past will again happen in the future. The deja vu effect will be experienced because your life is like a drama movie that is repeating identically. Most of the time we are unaware of this fact until a specific event happens that triggers the distant memory that the event happened before. Just like a movie that we thought we are watching for the first time, we suddenly realize that we have seen the movie due to a specific scene. It is this striking event that triggers the memory of the previously seen movie.

There are so many things that can be related to Deja vu or the feeling of having been there and having done that. Some say it is because of reincarnation that implies we are given a second chance to live life, not necessarily as the same person or kind. Some say it is because of the innate psychic ability of every human being that allows our mind to go back and forth in the past and in the future. Some say we have the feeling of Deja Vu because we have dreamt of the situation. All have good points but none until now is decided so let us expound on the topic of reincarnation, dreams, and psychic abilities that may cause Deja Vu.

First thing is reincarnation. There are many skeptics about reincarnation and second chances. For some, it is impossible that our soul will be able to live once again in this world but for the others who believe, reincarnation happens all the time. No one remembers who he was in the past, which is why he is not aware of the events that occurred thus the feeling of Deja Vu. Memories can travel through realms but certain signals are brought into the current life that is within a person's consciousness.

Second thing is dreams. This perhaps is the most scientific explanation because dreams are recognized by everyone. This though may imply that Deja Vu is nothing but a replica of the feeling a person felt in his dreams. This theory may seem the most legit as it does not question reality but for some, dreams are more than the result of deep sleep; dreams bring messages from another realm that the person needs to know. He may not consciously accept the information that dreams bring, which results for it to be forgotten, but once he feels the same signal from his dream, Deja Vu occurs.

Lastly is psychic ability. Psychics receive information from other realms, either consciously or unconsciously. Psychic abilities enable the person to travel through time and gain important information. One's consciousness may travel through space. A person may have traveled through a certain event making his consciousness remember the same when it happens in his everyday life. The theory on psychic ability and deja vu may even prove true for those who are not aware of their ability because those who are aware are able to control their travels and the information they receive in the process.

It is easy to dismiss the feeling resulting from Deja Vu but no matter what the cause, either reincarnation, dreams, and psychic ability, it is still best to dig deeper because information can be gained through it. All have good points but one thing is certain, Deja Vu happens for a reason. It is not a mere result of a person's imagination. His consciousness is tapped by something inside him. To know what that urge is might bring something valuable that can help us know something we are not yet aware of.

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