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Divination is the ritual done by psychics that aim to predict the future. It is done to discover greater truths and important events.

Innumerable divinatory, or mantic, methods exist, but diviners use the one that corresponds to their cultures.

Techniques of Divinatory fall into two broad categories:

1. The interpretation of natural or artificial signs, omens, portents, and lots.
2. The direct communication with gods and spirits, through visions, trance, dreams, and possessions.

All divination is an attempt to communicate with the divine and supernatural in order to learn the will of the god, even in the interpretation of signs and lots, it is believed that god interferes to provide answers to questions.

A skilled diviner or psychic also possesses an innate understanding in human psychology and keen sense of intuition, and the typical divination session consists of advice as well as predictions of the future.

In the early civilizations, divination was used primarily as a royal or holy function, used in providing guidance of matters of state and war and as well as forecasting natural disasters.

Most courts long ago, employed royal diviners whose very lives depended on the accuracy of their forecasts. In tribal cultures, divination remains to be more of a royal tradition or sacred function. In shamanic cultures, the art of divination is performed by shamans, who put themselves in trance in order to communicate with spirit helpers.

In some parts of Africa, the king’s diviner has the right of law. The royal oracles of the African Zande tribe employ numerous methods of divination, the simplest being to put two sticks in an anthill and see which one has been eaten the following day.

The most common form of divination from the African tribe is the benge oracle. The benge poison is taken from a plant, and then given to a chicken. Answers are divined from the length of the death and the nature of the fowl’s death throes, even the survival of the chicken yields an answer.

All cultures employ some form of divinatory methods that consists of interpreting artificial signs. Two main popular divination methods are the Tarot Cards and the I Ching.

In the Western Society, divination has been linked with sorcery. The Old Testament provides many prescriptions against consulting with diviners and psychics, and some of the Hebrew terms for “diviner” have been translated into witch.

Despite the disapproval from the church and scientific communities, divination has not been eradicated, simply due to the fact that humans possess a burning need to see into the future.

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