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Psychic empathy is a different type of psychic behaviour other than the common kinds such as seeing the future or feeling attuned to past phenomena. This refers to the ability of a psychic to be in tune with the emotional states of other people.

They are not only in tuned with the feelings of others, they directly feel their emotions. The psychic empath could connect to the emotions of feelings of people but they could also feel connected to places such as homes or buildings. Empathy in the psychic realm is sensing and experiencing the feelings of others just as telepaths could sense the minds and thoughts of people around them.

Clairsentience is one of the variants of psychic ability which is closely associated to empathic abilities of psychics. Clairsentients are psychics who could clearly feel people, objects or future events. Although this ability is rare, it is definitely real and existent. There are various characteristics of a psychic empath as they are commonly known. This includes hyper or extreme sensitivity to the emotions and feelings of others. They have clear understanding and could accurately interpret body language. Psychics with empathic abilities have acute awareness of everything surrounding them. They have the ability for in-depth emotions and connection to this feelings compared to other people. Most importantly, they have strong and profound knowledge of the human feelings and emotions.

Empathy is definitely different and distinct compared to regular type of empathy.

For instance, empathic people could feel connection to the feelings of others because they are near them. Psychics with the empathic ability are different because they could actually determine and experience the emotional state of a person without actually being near them. They could establish emotional connection to people even before or without being aware of such emotions. Psychics are not created equal. In terms of having empathic skills, some psychics have it and some have more sensitive and extreme empathy. This ability could be inborn or innate while others heighten their skills through comprehensive training.

Having an empathic ability as a psychic is a great opportunity to help other people. In most cases, psychic empaths choose to utilise and maximise their abilities through healing other people. This is what you call empathic healing and it has been an accepted approach in the psychic world. In the field of healthcare, using empathic abilities to diagnose or know the condition of other people is a welcomed assistance. In most cases, psychics would put their hands on someone to determine and understand their emotional state. This way they know what the patient feels at the moment. Psychics with powerful empathic skills also share the emotions and grief of other people making them effective counsellors and advisers.

Psychic empathy is a remarkable paranormal skill which could be used to help other people, share their burden or understand what they truly feel. Authentic psychic empaths use their abilities to help other people improve their lives. They become guides and advisers in making sound choices in life.

Psychics have an advantage in feeling more than the ordinary. They are the best empaths since they can feel and see everything that the ordinary misses. But there are ways that you can do to increase your sensitivity towards others.

First thing to do is to understand your own emotions. The key to being sensitive to others is being sensitive to your own feelings. You are the best subject to know what makes a person happy, sad, angry, or frustrated. Learn from your own experiences to give reasons on other’s emotions.

After understanding yourself, the next thing to do is to understand other people. This can be done with lots of interaction and communication. Strong feelings may come to you making you understand others. But it would not hurt to make these feelings even stronger by connecting and relating to them. Aside from innate empathic ability, you should back it up with enough knowledge of the humankind.

Meditation is also an important factor. Meditation can help ground yourself. This can also help in making your mind and body as one. Without the confusing noises within you, you will be able to listen to the feelings of others more intently. This also serves as preparation to much greater information that you will receive when you start putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Being an empath means you will put the feelings of others first. You should be stable enough to do this.

Be open-minded. Empathy means being able to feel what others do. If you will be close-minded to what others can feel then you are limiting what you can understand. Every person has different emotions and different reasons in feeling that way. You should be able to accept that there are emotions and feelings that you cannot understand or have never experienced.

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