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Psychic Encounter

Psychic Readings would like to share this Psychic Encounter by our website visitors Jessica Graham and Lizzi Graham.

My name is Jessica Graham and I am a twin. My sister and I have always been extremely close. I love her more than life itself and we have always had an unbreakable bond between us. On the particular day we had a psychic encounter.

I had been at the athletics training. The training had ended and my friend called "E" had offered me a lift home with her Dad. I gladly took it, but as I was getting into the car I actually clearly heard a voice in my head say “You’re going to have a car crash!”. This freaked me out and I stopped dead in my tracks.. "E" asked me what was wrong and I snapped back to my senses. I thought I was just being silly because I was in someone else’s car. However, the feeling stuck as we were driving. I forced myself to relax so I talked to "E"to take my mind off my fear. The voice would not leave my mind.

Sure enough, about 10 minutes from home, a car slammed into my side of the car. Several other cars were involved in the accident as well. Luckily no one was seriously hurt. My leg was pretty badly bruised and I had whiplash in my neck.. Just after the car crash had occurred, I received a call from my twin Lizzi. She sounded stressed and was saying, “Jess are you ok? Has something happened?” When I told her about the car crash she told me how she had been fretting for minutes that something was wrong and begging Mum to call me. We’ve never quite forgotten this day.

We’ve only ever had one other encounter like this one when we were very little at Primary school..

I remember that there was boy called "M" that used to bully some of the girls. I was sitting on the school oval when I suddenly had a feeling that Lizzi was in trouble. I got up and ran to try and find her. I don’t know why but I knew exactly where she was. Sure enough "M" was physically bullying her. I ran over and kicked him in the shins and Lizzi and I ran off. These psychic connections we’ve previously had have never occurred again so far.

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