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Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences

With the aid of modern technology and knowledge, doctors are now able to resuscitate a clinically dead person, who years ago would have died. Usually the period during which there are no such vital signs of life is only a matter of minutes but there have been cases of much longer periods.

In some cases, after the patient has heard the doctor pronounce them as dead, the patients can hear some sort of buzzing sound and the impression of rapid movement down a tunnel. Patients have claimed that they then come out into the light, seeing their own body from a distance and observe that they have another body. Then they see what they call as a white ball of light, what we term as a spirit.

The spirit then communicates with them about the life they have just lived, in a sort of telepathic way, evaluating it with them, with a pictorial review, putting great emphasis on the words spoken to other people and the actions taken, and how the other party felt.

After this review, they move on and observe friends and family, who are already dead, coming towards them.

Then they approach as to what seems a symbolic boundary between this life and the next, like a river or a gate, and they will either hear a voice telling them to come back or perhaps it is not their time. Often this appears to be a discarnate relative or a parent. They can then regain consciousness.

People who have had that sort of experience can admittedly say that their lives have changed for the better, with no doubt in their mind that the only way to continue forward in the after life is to treat others with kindness and living a life making others happier rather than the reverse. Some people even develop psychic abilities from a near death experience like our Psychic Joy.

In the near death experience, thought is relatively clear as in the out of body experience. There is no muddle or confusion as there would be if the experience was drugs or alcohol. By no means has everyone who has a near death experience discovered they have a second body just like theirs. Some people, for reasons unbeknownst to man, find that they have no body but only appear as a cloud of mist.

The predominant feeling of a near death experience is usually of joy and happiness, and many have the desire not to leave. However, the sense of duty and responsibility is a greater incentive to return.

Contrary to what most people think, there is not a voice telling you to go back.

Suicides do not find that they have escaped any of their problems but instead they are surrounded by the same anxieties that once plagued them in reality, but in a more murky and dirty environment, with no means of correcting those situations given rise by their despair.

On the other hand, a person who committed suicide to be with someone in the after life, do not join them but are separated for a longer time than if they had carried their life as intended.

Near death experiences- a general purview

Millions of people across the world have had near death experiences and more and more continue to have them. Most of these people actually recount them after returning to life from some kind of ethereal world after death. The cases of the patients revived after being declared clinically dead are documented in the medical journals and their near death experiences are also recorded for the purpose of research.

It is believed that the number of patients having near death experience is much higher than reported in the medical journals as quite a large number of people do not share them for some personal reasons.
It has been observed, and quite rightly too, that the nature of the near death experiences most people have depends upon their religious, cultural, societal and personal background. For example, a Christian may encounter saints and angels/satanic souls or visions of paradise and hell. A Muslim may find some ‘hurs’- beautiful women- welcoming him for his noble deeds while they were alive on earth.

Similarly  a Hindu may see horned and fearfully moustachioed, hefty messengers of the god of death-Yama- riding a he-buffalo clutching him by their long and powerful arms, but releasing him after realising that he/she was the wrong target.  This experience is obviously very terrifying. They may also see some gods/goddesses or the visions of their spiritual gurus.

Despite the disparity in cultural and religious backgrounds of the people, some features of the near death experiences narrated by the people, as mentioned in the introduction above, are quite common.

For example, almost all of them enter a different world- a world of light. They also acquire a body of light and view their old body of flesh as distinct entity. The figures of human beings, objects and surroundings also appear to be made of pure white light.

The quality of passage or transfer from the mundane to the spiritual world, in other words, from life to death, depends upon the karma of the people in this life. People who have lived a simple and religious life find the migration to be quite painless; it is rather blissful. The passage is, of course, painful like passing through a dark, long and tortuous tunnel for those who have lived an immoral life.
The people are also known to experience the change from the physical body to ethereal body, which makes them feel very light, springy and flighty. Some people feel engulfed in hellish darkness replete with terrifying objects, forms and beings that wrench their bodies with fear.

When the ‘dead’ people come face to face with their gods/ deities or spiritual guides, they are shown a detailed account of their good and evil deeds performed in the life in a manner that they cannot deny any detail. This is done to convincingly justify punishment for misdeeds and rewards for good deeds. Since there is no sense of time and space, the entire life of the person spanning several decades can be covered in fleeting seconds.
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