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Our Ancestor’s Vibration consists of our last name [surname]. It can assist us in finding out who we are, and where we have come from. It can fill our hearts with peace, in the knowing that you are not alone in the universe. To get this vibration is basically the same as finding your Given name Vibration.

Smith becomes, S[1]+M[4]+I[9]T[2]+H+[8]=24, 2+4=6. So Mr Smith’s Ancestors Vibration is six [6].

Macintosh becomes, M[4]+A[1]+C[3]+I[9]+N[5]+T[2]+O[6]+S[1]+H[8]=39.3+9=12, 1+2=3. So Mr Macintosh is a three [3].

*Master Numbers still remain the same.


1. The Ancestor’s Vibration of the one[1] is of power. Your Ancestors are people of courage. They were willing to take risks for the betterment of others around them. You were born with the courage of your Ancestors and your urge to succeed comes from them. Even though at times you can be a loner, you excel, if there are challenges that need conquering.
Willingness, courage, conviction, self-control, leadership, challenges, conquering, self-esteem, success, control

2. The Ancestor’s Vibration of two[2] brings with it a strong desire for peace and harmony in life. You are a peacemaker, and will at times go out of your way to ensure that everything around you is running smoothly. You have empathy for the feelings of other, and will take all considerations for an others way of being. You are a good homemaker, and will do all that is possible to make sure that your family is safe from the harms of the world, sheltering and protecting their every movement and need.
Empathy, homemaker, harmony, peace, congenial, humanitarian, protector, safety, communications, ability, partnership.

3. The Ancestor’s Vibration of three [3], brings forth a person who has the knowledge of the past to guide them. You may find it interesting to look up who your ancestors are, to find the complete picture of who you are and where you have come from. There is an intellectual side to your nature, that thirst to find the answers to the questions in life. You are also a negotiator where you usually can talk people around to your train of thought. Your strong will and determination leads you to complete whatever you start, otherwise you may feel dissatisfied with life.
Interesting, knowledge, intelligence, guidance, determination, negotiator, successful, dissatisfaction, authority, clear-sighted.

4. The Ancestor’s Vibration of four [4]. You are a strong individual who knows where they are going in this life. Your orderly and functional ways at times are in great demand. You are a perfectionist and like to see whatever needs doing is done, to stand the age of time. You can build things up, you can tear things down, if it is not up to your standard. Your gentle ways of handling people make you a strong and just leader in your own right, for you really do care if people are hurting in some way.
Builder, humanitarian, destruction, perfectionist, sincerity, happiness, leadership, quality, functional, gentle, caring.

5. The Ancestor’s Vibration of five [5]. Life might seem that it will never go your way, during times of change. Yet you keep moving forward, no matter how many obstacles are placed in your path. You always reach your goals through determination, and the conviction of your ideas. Your instinctive side makes you a good troubleshooter if things need to be done. Your organizing skill are high, and work well for you, in whatever you choose to do. You can be a creator of change and find life rewarding when you have the freedom to develop.
Conviction, constant, renewal, spiritually aware, destiny, choice, self-discovery, cross-roads, organization, achievement.

6. The Ancestor’s Vibration of six [6]. People may rely on you when times are tough, as you can see the truth in any given situation, and know exactly what to do when called upon to act in times of crisis. You are great at working out what is best for yourself and others when asked, for you see every situation with the eyes of truth. Nature may also be important to you, for you care for your environment and don’t wish it to be destroyed. You have true visionary ways, and people can see the truth of your convictions in your eyes.
Honesty, tough, hard working, nurturing, love, nature, pollution, solutions, development, humanity, compassion.

7. The Ancestor’s Vibration of seven [7], is relearning. You have gathered a wealth of experience and you know how to put those experiences into practice. Sometimes you may forget about the physical side of yourself, as your thirst for knowledge at times forsakes your physical needs. This search can consume you when you have hit on a subject that interests you greatly. Your experience can teach others to expand their knowledge and this may bring recognition your way.
Philosophy, routine, practice, consume, search, acquiring, answers, mystical, reclusive, physical, gratification.

8. The Ancestor’s Vibration of eight [8]. Your strength and courage in life is an awesome thing. No matter what happens, you are able to pick up the pieces and start again. There can be difficulties in your life, that make the good times even more rewarding. You are a true wonder in times of adversity, as you are able to sort out concerns, that work well for all concerned. No matter what is going on in life you are able to smile and give word of encouragement to those around you.
Perseverance, courage, rewards, ambition, problem-solver, good times, happiness, smiling, gentleness, encouragement.

9. The Ancestor’s Vibration of nine [9]. This is a vibration of journey’s into the past, present and future. You have a Leep inner-knowledge that you share with others. Sometimes people are well inspired by your natural way of creating peace where ever you go. You are a peacemaker, and are at your best when doing good Leeds for the sake of humanity.
Humanity, inner-knowledge, depth, inspiring, peace,
harmony, goodness, worthy, universal-love, faith

11. The Ancestor’s Vibration of eleven [11]. You are an inspiration to others, how you are able to cope under any circumstances that may come your way. Your kind nature may lead to the service of mankind in one way or another. Family is important to you, but at times your humanitarian ways may take you away from those you really care about. Travel may also be a part of your life, and you love the freedom of the open road.
Humanity, family, freedom, abundance, travel, mankind, nature, colours, vibrant, religion, inspiration, Spiritual.

22. The Ancestor’s Vibration of twenty-two[22]. Some philosophies talk about finding the inner-child to understand truly who we are. You are one of the teachers who give guidance to people, in finding themselves. You can be a real treasure to humanity with just being you.
Philosophy, humanities, social, warmth, humour, character, balance, understanding, rewarding, caring.

33. The Ancestor’s Vibration of thirty-three[33]. You have a steady and responsible nature, and some say you never smile, but your smiles come from within, in the knowledge the you hold some of the secrets of true happiness within your very soul. The quiet side of life attracts you and usually only speak when spoken to, as you observe all that is around you, and see it as it truly is.
Knowledgeable, smile, soul, free spirit, secrets, strength, reserved, hermit, horses,

44. The Ancestor’s Vibration of forty-four [44]. You can have control, in every section of you life. You demand perfection with yourself, and lead a disciplined life. You like to keep your life orderly, and don’t care much for the material side of life. Your inner-knowledge is a true inspiration to all that know you.
Discipline, perfection, orderly, life, esoterical, searching, answers, requirement, attainment, Spiritual.

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