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Major influence consist of adding the day and the month of your birthday together, and by adding down until you are left with one [1] number.

These aspects give us the learning and challenges we may receive throughout out lives.

8[day]+7[month]=15, 1+5=6. So if you where born on 8th of July, your Major Influences is a six [6].
Other examples:

7[day]+3[month]=10, 1+0=1. Your Major Influence is one [1].
19[day]+12[month]=1+9+1+2=13, 1+3=4. Your Major Influence is four [4].
12[day]+8[month]=1+2+8=11. Remember, eleven[11] is a Master Number so it remains the same.

1. The Major Influences of one [1] is taking control of ones senses. Your are the driver of your own vehicle. Meaning it is up to you which path in life you choose. This magic vibration, is the realization of the self. The knowing of what you need to do to succeed in life. You have a great depth of inner knowledge, and when you tap into this, there is nothing that is not possible. At times you may come across as uncaring and selfish, when you are dissatisfied with what’s going on in your life. This can lead to changes, when you are aware of this, bringing forth the real you that lies beneath the surface.

Alchemy, new beginnings, decisions, independence, self-control, reversals, arrogance, new experiences, leadership, manifesting, creative.

2. The Major influences of two [2], is about being socially aware of others. You may find yourself gathering information and experiences from others. You have the ability to be a peacemaker, and to listen to what others are saying. Your gentle ways can assist people in healing old wounds. The beauty of life attracts you and this shines through on how you present yourself to others. At times your self-confidence maybe lacking, but this is usually when you have taken on too much of other peoples problems. You can be of great service to others and have the ability to ease their concerns.

Caring, social, self confidence, over-sensitive, beauty, potential, innovative, diplomacy, arbitrator, listening, harmony.

3. The Major Influences of three [3], is about taking control of your life. This search can take you down many a winding road, with delays and finding new directions. It is about self-expression, and you may discover some hidden talents, that you can put to good use. Entertainment is a strong influence on you, and the arts may have some part to play in your life. Your creativity is high, and it maybe important for you to find out what makes you tick, and what alights your passion and fire for life. Being positive can bring luck and rewards your way, if you truly understand your inner strength and weaknesses.

Responsibility, entertainment, development, expression, inner-strength, extravagance, exaggerate, happiness, performing, speculation, gambling.

4. The Major Influence of four [4], brings forth creating balance of the senses. This number brings with it the symbols of construction and security. It is about productivity on all levels. You may feel in control of all that surrounds you. You can create building blocks for the future, and bring with it determination and skillful work. The pleasures of life may also attract you, where at times you may need to be aware of over -indulgence in what you do. Your patience and planning, can develop foundations and security for the future. Your attitudes in life attract other people to you, as they find your company down to earth, and also full of wisdom and understanding of the real world.

Mastery, diligence, success, trade, skill commerce, overindulgence, earthy, talented, protection, boundaries, finances, foundations, society.

5. The Major Influences of the five [5], is that of dedication, and the necessity to be free to travel. The pursuit of investigating the unknown attracts you to some very interesting situations or places. You are efficient in most of the things you do, as long as it interesting to you. Your energy at times may confuse those around you, as you can be happy one minute and nervous the next. Your search for knowledge makes you an interesting person to communicate with, as you see life ‘outside of the box’ and can come up with unique solutions to problems and concern, that work well.

Unconventional, learning, teaching, wonders, knowledge search, travel, unique, inquiring, wisdom, philosophy, inner-journey.

6. The Major Influence of the six [6], is one of an artistic individual, who enjoys beauty to surround them. The truth is important to you, and you are usually a good judge of character, as you can see through any falsehoods. You are able to solve problems through logic, and have strong communication skills, as well as a good ear for listening to others, which makes you a sort after confidant. You like to have your home as peaceful and harmonious as possible, and you are an exceedingly gracious host or hostess. Your easy nature at times makes it possible for others to take advantage of you. At times you may miss out on what you want to do. Eventually you get to do the things you want, but usually it comes after you have assisted someone else first. Your humanitarians ways can bring you lots of rewards in all that you seek.

Honesty, harmony, beauty, symmetry, happiness, progress, profession, caring healing, occasions, discord, entertaining, structure.

7. The Major Influence of the seven [7], is learning and the gathering of knowledge. The mystical side of life may attract you, and you may even decide to study some form of philosophy, religious or psychic doctrine. You may also find yourself wanting to lock yourself away from the world to follow these pursuits. Your perceptions in life grow, because of these pursuits and others find your research interesting. The world to you is a place of discovery and you may turn many a stone, to find the answers. Music also brings harmony your way and is one of your major forms of relaxation, in times when you need to sort out some concerns.

Conformation, research, duty, relaxation, travel, contemplation, harmony, curiosity, concern, constructing, reconstructing.

8. The Major Influence of eight [8], is one who is courageous, and has the ability to move forward under any circumstances. Your disciplined nature makes you a powerful force in your own right. You have sound business skills and can make or loose your fortunes at a drop of a hat. Yet no matter what happens, it is challenge, that created the situation for you, and the rewards come from that fact, that you did it instead of just thinking about it. Your energy can be endless especially when something interests you, and you never want to give up, no matter how hard situations can get. You originality gives you the scope to try anything new, and usually you come out at the top of whatever you do.

Courage, conviction, skilled, accountancy, challenges, originality, development, down-to-earth, limitations, congratulations, success.

9. The Major Influence of nine [9], is completing what you have started. You are a person who may think in abstract terms, and have a sense of the greater good for all. Your humanitarian ways brings you respect from others, even though they don’t understand why would want to ‘put yourself out’ for others, and you feel most at peace, when you are assisting others to become stronger in themselves. You have creative skills, that work well with others as well as for yourself. Your wisdom and understanding of others may place you in a position of trust, and this trust you will not break. Your compassion for others may lead to rewards of the spirit and the universal ways.

Humanitarian, assistance, longing, respect, completions, new beginnings, rewards, understanding, knowing, giving, faith.

11. The Major Influence of eleven [11], unlocks the intuitive side of your nature. It can hold some of the keys that opens up your creative side. Your dualistic and compassionate sides brings you to the concerns of others. Your drive is endless when it comes to the causes of injustice, whether to an individual or to a group of some form. Your perception makes you a person of visionary insight, and at times you are ahead of your time with the solutions to some major concerns. Your specialist skills, can bring you recognition and rewards, but that is not usually what you are after. It is the change for humanities sakes that attracts you.

Understanding, fellowship, intuitive, universal, enlightenment, caring, perception, rejection, balance, justice, humanity.

22. The Major Influence of twenty-two [22], involves the balance with the self and your carefree side. At times the carefree side may win too easily, because of your sense of freedom in whatever you do. Your nature is that of a dreamer and you believe with all your heart, that dreams can come true, which they usually do under this vibration as you have extreme luck at times. The is the number for reaching your goals no matter how humble they may seem. Your individual ways may make you a loner at times and this suits you, and this can assist you in sorting out some concerns that may be worrying you.

Freedom, care freeness, enjoyment luck, tension, worry, determination, enterprise, speculation, travel, upwards, animals, nature.

33. The Major Influences of thirty-three [33]. Thirty-three as a Major Influence in life makes this vibration a very special one. It is the highest vibration for love and compassion of others. It is called the Christ Vibration. You inspire others to change their path in life to a more positive one, and in the times of adversity you are always willing to help your neighbor. You may find, that being in a crowd upsets you and therefore a quiet environment, is essential for peace of mind. At times you may find giving to certain people gives you a feeling of despair, as they don’t see the love that is given with it. One of your lesson, is to know the difference between a person who is genuine and one who is not.

Love, union, tranquility, self-discipline, responsibility, conviction, choice, relationships, determination, consideration, incarnation.

44. The Major Influences of forty-four [44], is one of applying opportunities into action. This vibration is a strong number in dealing with advancement, in all that you do. It is a vibration where you may need to slow down, and to see where you life is going. Changes of direction, can at times give you more insight to what you really want out of life. You have a strong sense of knowing how to achieve what you want, and research before you make your choice.

Resourceful, direction, change, opportunity, awareness, stability, research, common-sense, self-discipline, expression, finances, comfort.

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