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Temporary Life Path Vibrations consists of our birthday vibration added to the yearly vibration. When we add our birth number with this years vibration we receive an indication of what lies ahead for us in the following year. Our vibration changes at the exact moment of our birth each year, giving us our learning and direction for the year coming up.
This year is 2005 [2+0+0+5=7], so the yearly vibration number is a seven [7]. However if your birthday has not yet arrived for the year, you use the previous year [2004 = 2+0+0+4=6] until your birthday then use this year's yearly vibration. When this is added to our Life Path number we can work out what our Temporary Life Path is for the coming year.

Examples are:

D.O.B. 8/7/1963 becomes, 8+7+1+9+6+3=34, 3+4=7, then add seven [7] which becomes, 7+7=14, 1+4=5
So this persons Temporary Life Path Vibration number for the year, is five [5].

D.O.B. 19/12/1963 becomes, 1+9+1+2+1+9+6+3=32, 3+2=5, then add seven[7] which becomes, 5+7=12, 1+2=3
So your Temporary Life Path Vibration number for the year is three[3]

D.O.B. 7/3/2003 becomes, 7+3+2+3=15, 1+5=6 then add seven [7] which becomes 5+6=11 which remains the same, being a Master Number. So you Temporary Vibration number for the year is eleven[11].

D.O.B. 9/5/1956 becomes, 9+5+1+9+5+6=35, 3+5=8, then add
seven [7] which becomes, 8+7=15, 1+5=6. Six[6] is your Temporary Vibration Number for the year.

D.O.B.12/8/1910 becomes, 1+2+8+1+9+1=22[Master Number] then add seven [7] for this year, which becomes 2+2+7=11, AS you can see the Master Number also adds up to a Master Number which remains the same


1. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of one [1], brings a time of new beginnings. Life is changing for you this year and new directions can be in the air. This is time for making decisions in where you are going in life. By taking these changes, step by step, later when you look back at the events, of this time, you may discover the new ways were exactly what was required to create a more positive you.
Determination, change, decisions, magic, power, new beginnings, independence.

2. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of two [2], deals with communication with others, and a time to assert yourself instead of waiting. It is time to put past experiences into practice and give them time to unfold. It is a year of meetings and conversations. Your dreams can come true during this cycle. Relationships can take on a new level of importance. The true value of life also takes on a new meaning for you with many changes for the better life.
Dreams, co-operation, promotion, risks, details, discrimination, confidence, love and romance, travel.

3. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of three [3], brings more control to your life, when all the things that you have been planning can be put into action. You can succeed in all aspect of your life and during this cycle, your ambitions can become a reality. New friendships develop well this year, and for some, can lead into marriage. Success is yours, if your determination is strong enough to contend with the oppositions and challenges, that may come your way.
Celebration, happy home, completions, opposition, excitement, prestige, indulgence

4. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of four [4], creates balance in all that you do this year. It is about finding answers to where you are going and what you want out of life, through the mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual levels. It is a year to take positive action to create the balance you require in your life. It is also a time of new opportunities, once you have sorted out what you really want. The hard work you put in this year, may also bring success your way. A regeneration from the old ways of being.
Completion, settlements, positive action, finances, building, satisfaction, health, relief, retreat, training.

5. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of five[5], brings changes and new directions. It is a time where your life maybe changing, and a time of making decisions. You may also find yourself in a position of receiving assistance from outside sources. More responsibility may be placed in your path this year, and you may find some confusion in how to solve so many problems at the same time. Travel may also cross your path, and you may consider changing residence. This years concentration on the family may bring new hope your way. Abundance and growth may stem from these changes leading you into a time of victory in all you seek.
Good news, change, direction, humour, fertility, family, victories, responsibility, patience, family, reversals.

6. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of six [6], is about facing up to truths, and finding true satisfaction in your life. The clouds of doubt, may cross your path leading you to face up to what you really want out of life. Concentration on what matters most to you, may create some changes and force new directions. This is a time of blending and creating harmony in all that you do. By having faith in your abilities you may discover that this year brings the inner peace you have been seeking, leading positive results.
Courage, change, satisfaction, doubt, self-sacrifice, truth, inner awareness, results, selection, fertility, selection.

7. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of seven [7], may bring new learning your way. This is a year of preparation for the years to come. This is an active time, and a time to put those plans into action. Some delays may occur with difficulties in getting what you really want. Through determination you may discover that these obstacles are placed in your path, just to see how determined you really are to achieve your goals. Influences this year also suggest, a time of moving ahead in whatever you do, with rewards in the knowing that you are learning new things.
Determination, progress, rewards, obstacles, rejoicing, learning, separation, skill, ability, meditation, philosophy, health.

8. The Temporary Life path Vibration of eight [8], sends messages of renewal and courage, to take the steps to move forward in your life-path. It can be a time of restrictions and more responsibilities placed in your path. Family matters may require you to sort out some of those difficulties, as well as in the work front. Life happens quickly this year where you may find yourself under stressful situations. Yet it brings a year where there is success in all that you do, if you believe in yourself.
Discrimination, fruition, family, success, honour, graduation, finances, preparedness, strength, courage, conviction.

9. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of nine [9], creates completions. One chapter of your life maybe closing while another is just beginning. This time brings with closures of what has been in your life up until now. Life can change quickly under this vibration, where you may need to think through what you want and desire out of life. You may find yourself looking at past experiences to make sure that you don’t go down the same path, as in the past. Whatever you do this year be aware to complete one task before going on to the next, and you may discover a whole new world opening up to you.
Beginnings, completions, acceptance, wisdom, vigilance, change, creation, renewal, secrets, past, future, forward.

11. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of eleven [11], brings a time where work related issues may arise. This year can be a testing time where decisions may need to be made quickly. Agreements around finances and legal dealings can strongly work in your favour during this cycle where closures are possible. More effort maybe required of you, with greater rewards in the end. New approaches to old situations, also work well for you this year. You are beginning to understand that there are other ways of finding solutions to old concerns.
Stimulation, tolerant, agreements, rewards, problems, solutions, co-operation, balance, justice, gifts, sharing.

22. The Temporary Life Path Vibration twenty-two [22], creates a new balance, and ways of looking at life. This can be a rare time of achieving your goals in a carefree manner where luck falls your way. Your dreams can come true if you really believe, is one of the major lessons under this vibration. Travel plans can work well when the emphasis is on fun. You may also find yourself wanting to enjoy life to the fullest under these influences, where the cares of your world are left behind.
Care-freeness, awareness, joy, travel, plans, seeking enjoyment, world, creation, tension, release, collection.

33. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of thirty-three[33], is facing truth for healing. A strong year for sorting out those health concerns and forging ahead with what needs to be done. There are more responsibilities placed in your path this year. Yet there is nothing that you can’t handle. There may be times where you may think the world is tumbling down around you, yet you arise to the occasions every time, with brilliant results. Your compassion for others, makes you a worthy friend, and you may be called upon to assist in others concerns, more often this year, than in past years
Truth, healing, country, land, resurfacing, awareness, nature, hands, mental, friendship, worth, responsibility.

44. The Temporary Life Path Vibration of forty-four [44], creates opportunities in all that concerns you. This rare vibration usually only comes your way only once or twice during a life time. So when it appears in your chart, take extra note of what is happening around you, as there can be opportunities around every corner, if you are aware. This may also be a year of re-evaluating where you are in your life. The experiences of the past are there to guide to you. The wonders of the universe can open up to you under this vibration, and changes are usually part of the course.
Opportunity, re-evaluation, magic, guidance, karma, mental awareness, wonders, searching, courage, strength, rewards, success.

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