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What does My Name Mean?

Names are very important representation of self. It is your own unique and distinguished vibration which is spoken in a universal sphere.

Your name offers individuality and it is a way by which others could greet or acknowledge you. Hence names ought to be respected and deemed with utmost importance. It is also imperative to know the significance or interpretation of your name. Have you ever asked yourself “what does my name mean?” In the parapsychological world, this is quite easy to answer through the use of numerology.

Numerology is more than just a set of numbers combined together. It is a practice in the vast psychic world where events surrounding a certain person could be determined through the use of a set of numbers significant to that person. It is important to know two important components of your name through numerology. First, you need to discover the meaning of your given name. second, learn and discover the significance of your ancestral or surname. Your given name is the representation of who you are, what you will be in your life. it also reflects your direction as well as the influence of changes in your life. the last name, surname or ancestral name obviously connects you to your past life and generation. In some cultural heritage, the last name is unspoken unless there is a need to summon your departed ancestors for help or information.

If you are seriously asking the question “what does my name mean?” it is high time to learn the universal code or conversion table used in numerology. The purpose of this table is to have a profound understanding of your given and last names and to give them meaning. Number 1 is equivalent to letters A, J and S. Number 2 is equals to letters B, K and T. Letters C, L and M are representatives of the number 3. Number 4 is equals to letters D, M and V, number 5 for E, N and W, number 6 for F, O, X, number 7 for G, P and Y, number 8 for H, Q and Z and number 9 for I and R.

For example, the name ANN is calculated as the following:

A[1]+N[5]+N[5] = 11. Therefore the Master Numbers or Name Vibration for Ann is eleven [11].




Each of these Name Vibrations has their corresponding meanings to give you a good interpretation of what your name really means.

It can be a curious thing to see how numbers can give us information on who we are. *Please Note: if a person uses an abbreviation of their name, or a nickname, then this is used instead of the given name, as it is the vibration they’re under each day.

1. The Given Name Vibration of a one [1], is the one of individuality. You have a strong sense of independence, and have the ability to work out what is best for you. You like to create your own space, and like time to meditate, when sorting through your concerns. Your creative side shines best, when you are doing things that interest you. Your leadership skills at time, may give others the impression of aggression or dominance, yet when people get to know you, they realize that you really are just a “pussycat”. At times you may get carried away with what you are doing, which may lead to confusion, but once you settle down, you are able to sort out what needs to be done.

The Given Name Vibration of One [1] has keywords such as beginnings, creativity, originality, independent, fast moving, inner awareness, leadership, pioneer, boss and honour.

2. The Given Name Vibration of two[2], is one of partnerships and communication. You are a natural diplomat, and have the ability of assisting others, to sort concerns that maybe troubling them. You are instinctively attracted to others, and seem to be able to look Leep within a person to see what they are really made of. You can adapt well to whatever curves life throws you, and accept the full consequences of your actions. Your relationship with your partner can be a very rewarding one, with one of love and devotion, but be aware that your individuality can suffer, if you are not assisting others with the special gifts you have been given.

Given Name Vibration of Two [2] has keywords which are adaptable, compromise, harmony, caring, sharing, searching, tactful, gentle, understanding and following.

3. The Given Name Vibration of three [3], is that of self-expression. You socialize well with people, and don’t mind being in the public eye. Yet with all your bravado, you can at times be shy, when talking with just a few people around you. There can be two [2] sides of your nature that are completely different from the other. It is like joining a recluse with a person in the public eye. Yet it takes both sides to be the creator of your own destiny, and you do have a creative way about you. You like to surround yourself with beauty, and have an excellent eye for quality. Your enthusiastic nature encourages people to be open with you, and you can be trusted to hold the secrets that are related to you.

Given Name Vibration of Three [3] have keywords such as charisma, effervescence, dramatic, creative, diversity, manifestation, social, reclusive and friendly.

4. The Given Name Vibration of four [4], is one of creating balance in all aspects of your life. You like your home and work life to run smoothly. You are extremely good at finding solution to any concerns that may arise, whether personally or professionally. These are usually sorted out through working out the “pros and cons” of any given situation. Your levelheadedness is truly worth exploring, for you have the ability to see all sides of every story and make no judgment, which makes you a valuable friend or partner.

Given Name Vibration of Four [4] is one with keywords such as balance, structure, foundations, justice, calmness, engulfing, enduring, gentleness and non-judgmental.

5. The Given Name Vibration of five [5]. Freedom is of major importance to you. You are a free thinker, and may at times have an unorthodox way of doing things. You are well aware of the intuitive side of your nature, and are willing to make the changes in your life, that are necessary for your personal growth. You are a knowledgeable person and you can carry a conversation on many different levels. As a Leep thinker you at times may go a little too Leep, when sorting out your concerns, and it is important to you to be free from the restraints of the past.

Given Name Vibration of Five [5] refers to resourceful, unconventional, intellect, free-thinker, change, versatile and speculation.

6. The Given Name Vibration of six [6]. Responsibility to family and community is one of commitment. You can socialize well with people, but cannot tolerate injustice to another person. You have compassion and understanding for others, and people are drawn to you for that very reason. You are gentle and affectionate. You may also be fascinated with the artistic sides of life, and this is an area where you can excel. Harmony and peace is important to you, especially when it comes to your family. You do your utmost best, to create an environment that emphases this, and may find that you are respected and loved by those around you.
Love, family, commitment, compassion, affectionate, community, gentle domestic, sympathetic, artistic, environment.

7. The Given Name Vibration of seven [7]. You may have a quiet and reserved nature, and excel at whatever you do, especially in the fields of learning and teaching. You have an inner depth that may seek to discover the answers to the question of why we are here and what is the purpose of existence. You can at times, be so absorbed in what you are doing that you may forget that there is also a physical side to your nature. A solitude life attracts you, especially if there has been some turmoil in your life.
Existence, discovery, teaching, learning, quest of knowledge, peaceful, physical, health, solitude, tranquility.

8. The Given Name Vibration of eight [8]. You have an the energy about you that gets people’s attention. The problem is at times is that you don’t see yourself as others see you. Doubt can be your worst enemy, but when you gain control of this there is nothing that you put your mind to that you cannot do. You have a way of creating wealth in your life, through your creative and original ways. You usually understand what people want, and can put your talents to use, by pleasing them with your wit and charm. There is a Leeper side to you that most people, except for those closest to you, never get to see.
Energy, creativity, original, understanding, Leep finances, calculating, charisma, doubt, wealth, pleasant.

9. The Given Name Vibration of nine [9]. Your patience and observance of life makes you a person of wisdom and understanding. You don’t like to make judgments and see both sides of every story. You assist people to find solutions to their own problems, and they appreciate you for not interfering with their ways. You accept and respect people for who they are, and can see their inner-beauty. The ascetic side of life attracts you, for you see the true colours within any beautiful objects or persons.
Non-judgment, caring wisdom, appreciation, objectivity, ascetic, crystal-clear, acceptance, tri-colours.

11. The Given Name Vibration of eleven [11]. This master number gives you the ability of the teacher. You have the perseverance to carry out any task, that is required of you. In the fields where your creative side is allowed to develop, your talent in choosing unusual subjects, can bring you acclaim from your peers. Your individuality shines when you are creating something new, and your dedication can at times, can lead you to forget about your health, as you are too engrossed in what you are doing. You may also have skills in marketing, which comes in handy especially if you are using it with your creative skills.
talent, trade, individual, determined, ego, dedication, teacher, learner, original, choice, engrossed, health.

22. The Given Name Vibration of twenty-two [22]. Far away places may attract you. There can an exciting life awaiting your vibration, if you are willing to take a chance on life. This vibration either travels physically, or through the mind. It is the number for searching and seeking, and you may like to pick-up a companion along the way to share your care-freeness and love for adventure.
Carefree, travel, wonders, inquiring, searching, adventure, reality, illusion, willingness, sharing, companions.

33. The Given Name Vibration of thirty-three[33]. This is the strongest number for humanitarian pursuit, whether it be animal or human. You have a love for nature and all its creations, and it offends you greatly if people do not respect this planet. You may find yourself a determined person when it comes to others not respecting their environment, as you will remind them of how important it is to our survival as human beings.
World Changer, harmony, animals, nature, awareness, environment, respect, survival, universal love, pursuits.

44. The Given Name Vibration of forty-four [44], has its challenges in life. Your Leep thinking, can at times take you through some Leep and inner-jouneys. You want to know what life is all about, and are willing to search high and low until you find the ‘meaning of life’. You have a wealth of knowledge to share with those around you, and they maybe surprised at how much knowledge you have on any given subject. This does not mean you are a ‘know it all’, because you really do know.
Knowing, depth, intellect, sharing knowledge, inner-journeys, matter, books, glass, sanity, purpose, enjoyment.

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