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Ouija Board

The Sliding Glass

Ouija Board is similar to the Sliding Glass, as it has a polished board with letters of alphabet inscribed upon it, numerals 0 through to 9 and together with the words YES and NO. A sliding glass or pointer is place on the board (any polished surface), with the letters of the alphabet, the numerals 0 - 9, as well as the words YES and NO. Then the 'players', place their fingers on the bottom of the up-turned glass and questions are answered by the movement of the glass on its own.

It usually carries a pointed “traveler” – a polished piece of wood, often with a soft, felt underside. The traveler is directed in the same system as the Sliding Glass.There have been cases where the pointer has been known to fly off the board and spin out of control.

Sentences can be formed as if there was someone there, but in most instances, the spirits will most probably be making it up as they go along.

In some cases, it has been found that everything is in a different order and quite good evidence of survival and telepathy can be obtained.

Ouija Board

Ouija board, also known as talking board or spirit board, is meant for communicating with   spirits or some other ethereal entities. It is a plane board painted with numbers from 0-9, letters of alphabet and also four words, yes, no, hello and goodbye. It also contains some other signs and symbols.

Many people have discovered their psychic abilities with the classic parlor game known as Ouija Board, which uses a board to conact spirits or entities.


Ouija board has an accessory, a heart shaped wooden planchette, which is moved by the participants over the letters, digits, words, signs and symbols with their fingers. The person moving the planchette and trying to communicate with the spirits is called medium or channel.

The idea is to spell out the messages from the spirits during the process called séance. It is believed that while apparently the planchette is moved by the fingers of the participant, it is, in fact, guided by the spirit energy.

If some people wish to know the identity of the spirit, it obliges them by guiding the finger of the medium to move the planchette over the letters that indicate the name.

Some people feel afraid of communicating with the spirit lest it cause them some harm. The experts assure such people that the spirits, by and large, are kind-hearted and do not object to sharing any information with them.


How to operate an Ouija board?


It is better to operate the Ouija board in a quiet and peaceful venue. The best time is night since the day can be more noisy and disturbing. Nonetheless, there is no restriction in respect of time and place.

  1. Normally two persons are required to operate the Ouija board. It is better to have a male and a female rather than two males and two females, though this is not a binding condition.

  2. Create an ambience.  Switch off the lights and burn some candles and incense.

  3. Both the operators should place the Ouija boards on their knees or laps and should sit face to face with each other to facilitate direct communication. Please avoid using a table to place the board.

  4. Choose which of the two should act as the medium or the channel. The other person would, obviously, be a questioner. There should be no problem if there is more than one questioner in the room.

  5. As a warm-up exercise, the medium may move the planchette around a circle before inviting the question.

  6. The medium should also make a positive affirmation that the whole exercise would work for the benefit of the people.

  7. The initial questions should be so framed that their answers should just be yes or no.

  8. Do not be impatient for the answers as the board itself may require some time to warm up.

  9. Express your gratitude to the board when it starts replying to your questions.

  10. Do not ask stupid and senseless questions. Also do not ask questions just for fun. Respect the solemnity of the occasion.

  11. Close the session and say goodbye to the board after all the questions been asked.


How to achieve success with Ouija board?


The level of success in communicating with the spirits and benefitting from them depends upon how seriously you take this tool while you are holding the séance session. You must show respect to the spirit energies you wish to contact in order to elicit meaningful and helpful responses. You will attain significant clarity on several issues besides refining your intuition and ushering positive changes in life.

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