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What is Prophecy?

Prophecies have laced past empires of the world, from the early Egyptians, to The Mayan Society right up to the Roman Empire. In truth a prophecy is a divinely inspired vision of great events to happen, which are so important that they have turned thousands and thousands of people to follow them.

People wish to know their future not just to satisfy their curiosity or seek fun and entertainment from psychic readings, but because of two important reasons.
1. They are often confronted with tough problems in various areas of life that they cannot crack despite the advice and assistance from the best experts in conventional wisdom. These problems, for example, occur in the areas such as health and well-being, finance, relationships, careers, education, litigation, relocation and spiritualism. Quite often the problems they face are bizarre and baffling and quite unlike they have ever seen, heard or experienced.
2. People have their dreams and goals and though they try their best to realize them, they often encounter insurmountable hurdles and do not know how to overcome them. They are confused because of the multiplicity of options and do not know for sure what will or will not work for them. Sometimes, they spend so much time deliberating over the right choices that they either end up making wrong ones or miss out the deadlines.
When all human wisdom fails, people naturally turn to divine sources. Psychic prophecy is one such source. This process has been going on since the recorded history of human existence. Earlier the people used to visit the diviners, soothsayers, oracles, prophets or seers for guidance and divination, now they go to psychics or clairvoyants. The experts are   basically the same, only the names have changed. Earlier there were apothecaries, now we have doctors.

There is a link between Psychic Prophecy and Precognition, as most prophecies originate from precognition, having knowledge of the future, but we must be careful as not all precognitions are prophecies.

In a more religious sense, prophecies are psychic readings of the sub consciousness of the mind, the appearance of the collective will.

In the past, prophecies were created by prophets, oracles, psychics and divine people who underwent severe trances so that spirits could connect and talk through them, enlightening their current culture with ways of betterment.


How do the psychics make prophecies?

Psychics have two resources for making the prophecies. One is the physical resource comprising astrology also popularly known as horoscope reading, numerology, tarot reading, palmistry, physiognomy, aura reading and psychometry, to name only a few. Most of these subjects are available in form of print or visual media.

The second and the more important source for psychics to make prophecies is the divine powers or abilities of extrasensory perception that they are endowed with by nature. These powers include intuition, sixth sense, third eye, telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience and mediumship also called channeling or spirit communication besides several others.

Generally the   psychics use both these resources simultaneously. For example, when a psychic or astrologer builds a horoscope chart, they interpret it using their innate spiritual powers mentioned above. It should be noted that the two resources are not used distinctively, as it were, but work in tandem with each other.

It is like an experienced and intuitive physician diagnosing the disease of a patient and prescribing medicine or a seasoned engineer sort out a complex mechanical problem. They and other professionals like them are either endowed with intuition by nature or they acquire it over the time through diligence and hard work. They use their physical resources- academic education with the innate resource of intuition and empathy.

Since psychic readings these days take place online, most psychics use their innate resources mentioned above to answer the questions of the clients and make predictions for them. They see the images of the clients, their problems and their solutions across their mental screens or through powers like intuition, telepathy and clairvoyance and instantly provide answers.

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