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Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Reading

The art of foretelling the future encompasses many forms, the simplest form being tea leaf reading. The art of tea leaf reading is quite simple and although it is used by psychics anyone can learn to master the talent, without posessing psychic abilities,providing they have the necessary patience.

In psychic readings, a lot of tools, items and rituals are used. Some use Tarot cards as the divination of choice, while for some crystal balls or reflective water pools are used to attract visions and other spiritual messages. Have you ever heard about tea leaves being used in psychic readings? Well, yes tea leaves are used, and tea leaf readings have been used by many psychics to help them discover insight, and discover possible future outcomes. Let’s talk more about the unique aspects of psychic tea leaf readings.

Where Did It Begin?

According to psychic reading historians, tea leaf reading began in ancient China, where teas were popularly consumed. This was discovered when tea drinkers began to notice that tea leaves left unique, or interesting patterns and designs in the bottom of the cups. Thus, more and more people started interpreting the different tea leaf patterns, in order for them to gain insight into the future, or to answer a wide array of questions.  The practice soon made its way to Europe in the medieval ages, with the wealthy Europeans usually passing their time attempting to read and interpret tea leaf patterns for fun, as well as for gaining insight. 

What Are Needed To Conduct A Tea Leaf Reading?

According to seasoned tea leaf readers, all you need are a couple of simple, readily-available tools. You will require a tea pot, a cup, saucer, tea leaves of choice, and some information from a tea leaf or psychic reading guide or booklet.

How to learn tea leaf reading

Patience is needed initially to make a study of the various symbols and their meanings, and once done so, one can become proficient in a very short period of time. It is true that a “psychic” sense will often enable the reader to read Leeper in to the meanings of certain symbols, but having this psychic power is by no means necessary.

How to perform a tea leaf reading

As in all methods of divination, there is a certain tradition that must be followed:

1. The Cup – This is said to be the vehicle of our destiny. Although any type of cup can be used, one with a wide mouth and sides that are not perpendicular are preferred. The inside of the cup must be white and have no patterns within it, allowing pictures to form clearly. The size of the cup doesn’t matter, but a larger one is preferable, more desirable is a breakfast cup.

2. The Tea Used – if a dusty blend is used, then the leaves left at the bottom will take on the image of a confused mass, and it will prove quite difficult to form a coherent and satisfactory reading. Undoubtedly the best tea to use is Chinese Tea, as it produces extraordinary clear images.

As per tradition, the inquirer drinks from the cup until about one teaspoonful of liquid is left within the cup. The cup is then held in the left in the right hand and then moved three times in a circular motion, in anti clockwise direction, during which the inquirer must either tap into the psychic energies or simply concentrate on the question they wish to have an answer. The cup is then inverted on a saucer, and left there for a minute for the liquid to drain out. The ritual is complete and the reading is about to begin.

On the first glance into the cup – which should be held with the right hand – one may be dismayed at the seemingly meaningless pattern made by the tea leaves. However, if the cup is viewed from certain angles, clearly defined images and symbols may be seen, and the interpretation of these will have specific meanings.

In all readings it should be remembered that it is necessary to observe and weigh up the general conditions of the cup as it is to note the separate symbols. The good and bad symbols must be set off against each other and a balance struck, for only in this way can it be determined whether fortune or misfortune are to be encountered.

As to the timing of forecasted events, one is enabled to do this by noting the position of various symbols. If they appear near the rim of the cup, then it means that the events are likely to happen in the near future, while those portrayed on the sides are not so immediate, and those on the bottom are further still.

The size of the symbol will give a clue to the magnitude and of its importance. Thus, a small representation of an ass would symbolize a small legacy; a large representation, a larger legacy. The definition of the image must also be taken into account. If it is well defined, then its character or influence is emphasized accordingly; if it is misty, or badly formed, its character is diminished.

It is important to note that one should not attempt to interpret all the signs and symbols, but rather focus on the signs that pertain to the questions asked.

How To Conduct The Reading Right

To do a tea leaf reading right, the first step would be to carefully examine or analyze the images or patterns  formed by the tea leaves that are left in the cup, after you have finished drinking the tea. Make sure you carefully drain the cup of excess water or liquid, and then carefully analyze the tea leaf patterns, to determine their meanings. You could also make good use of a tea leaf reading booklet or guide for proper assistance.  

With careful analysis, you will slowly notice that within the bottom of the tea cup, you can perhaps see a lot images, which could resemble animals, people, objects or things. The positivity or negativity of the symbols or patterns will usually depend on the patterns, or the interpretation of the reader. Or example, the image of a broom could indicate cleansing of the soul, or of the house. If the symbol represents a tree, then it could indicate prosperity or good fortune. Animal symbols like rabbits may indicate the birth or creation of a new idea, or project. 

Psychic tea leaf reading has grown in popularity over the years. Today, it’s very popular in Europe the United States, as well as in Asia, where it all began. Once you’ve learned about the basics, as well as familiarize yourself with all the rules or symbols, it will soon be quite easy for you to do a straightforward and meaningful reading. And soon, you will also be able to spot a much deeper meaning to each symbol on the bottom of the cup. Apart from tea leaves, one could also use coffee grinds, to do a reading.

Among the different types of psychic readings, perhaps the most unique (and the most interesting) are the ones called "tea leaf readings". Who ever thought that you could predict the future, or gain insight, from your cup of tea? Well, tea readings have been done for centuries already, and they are deemed to be an accurate (and unique) way for predicting the future, or for answering any type of question.

When and Where Did Tea Leaf Readings Originate?

While the English and the Japanese or Chinese have their own tea variants, teas were believed to be used for divination in the Far East, as tea ceremonies are still done in places like Japan. This is because many people there believe that connecting with the sprit will require a lot of concentration, focus and stillness of mind, and this can be strongly linked to drinking tea. The early European fortune tellers also performed readings using a mixture of wax, lead and then tea leaves afterward.

How Are They Conducted?

According to divination experts, there are a lot of ways for doing a tea leaf reading. However, the most commonly used method involves breaking down tea leaves in four different types, or categories – Nature, People, Objects and Animals.

An experienced tea leaf reader should perhaps have the knowledge and idea of how to conduct the reading, because they will perhaps have already gained a lot of experience (and practiced a lot of times too), especially when it comes to analyzing and working out the different patterns and positions of the tea leaves. If you'd like to learn how to do tea leaf readings, you can buy a lot of books and literature online, and you could also ask for guidance from the nearest Spiritualist church or group in your community. So why not have a cup of tea in the morning, or afternoon, and make it a little bit more interesting?  

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