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Compatibility Gemini and Aries


Gemini is an Air Sign and Aries is a Fire Sign. Air fuels Fire making them a great combination. Both are adventurous, always moving to something new and full of energy that they like to do everything in a flash. Because of their good understanding, they can make come up with successful ideas as they explore the world together. These signs also love communicating. Gemini like listening and speaking words of love while Aries, being the more passionate partner just like how Fire looks for Air engage Gemini in a spirited exchange of words. Their conversations are never dull. Even when Gemini is feeling down, Aries find a creative way to cheer them up.
Aries is the more aggressive sign, they have no time to waste. Like Gemini, Aries also tend to jump into new ideas but they want to get their hands dirty straight away, no time should be wasted. Gemini, on the other hand use their intellect to see the logic behind things before acting on them. This is one area where these two signs can work together as a perfect tandem- Gemini, the thinker and Aries, the doer. Gemini use their intellect and skill in communication and negotiation to stimulate Aries' passion. In return, Aries keep their Gemini partner fascinated at how fast and effortless they work on things.
Gemini are born chameleons, they have the innate resourcefulness to adapt easily to Aries' hectic and dynamic lifestyle and could become just as passionate. Aries also has a dominant and assertive personality and can be stubborn at times. It's to the advantage of this union that neither of these symbols are overly sensitive. Gemini don't get offended easily.  At times, they challenge their Aries partner into a heated argument but they have their way of ending it with a compromise as long as the Aries is willing to cooperate. The latter needs to understand that Gemini love to communicate, not to dominate but to stimulate new ideas and to set direction. Once the differences of these two signs are worked out, Gemini can help Aries realize their full potential while Aries brings out the spontaneity and passion in a Gemini.
The best part of the relationship between a Gemini and Aries is their low level of competition. Aries love to be the center of attention and is comfortable to take the first step in everything while Gemini is content with working in the background calling the shots as long as they aren't forced into it.
Both Gemini and Aries value their independence. Gemini's outgoing nature could be construed as flirting and can turn Aries' passion and devotion into jealousy for fear of losing their partner. This however, can cause Gemini to feel suffocated and having the flighty attitude, will back out of the relationship. Gemini's moods and instability will also challenge Aries who's not a character of patience. Though Aries wants to dominate the relationship and most of the time Gemini does not mind who the boss is, they should keep their stubborn character in check so as not to make their Gemini partner feel tied up. In return, Gemini must learn to return Aries' devotion by minimizing their easygoing manner and friendly personality which oftentimes make other people assume that they're unattached.
Naturally, both Gemini and Aries tend to get bored easily; they always have the yearning to discover something new. This becomes a problem because both get easily distracted by a new idea that they fail badly in finishing a project. Same goes with the relationship between these two signs. They start good, almost perfect because they're still very excited but if either of them feel bored or if Aries can't handle the instability of their partner and Gemini's fickle attribute gets into way, there would be no second thoughts of moving on to something else.
Clearly, even though the union of the Gemini and Aries is almost heaven, it's not free from few compatibility issues. The key to its success is a constant dash of excitement which keeps the warmth in the relationship. Communication and compromise also play a great part. The swiftly moving Aries have to slow down a bit to discuss things with Gemini who loves details. Aries can be brutish and aggressive which would lead to a heated argument but this couple should find a way to end it in a mutual understanding, making their relationship deeper.


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