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Compatibility Gemini and Gemini


The tandem of the Gemini sign is a playful, dynamic and active one. Their relationship will never be boring as they always seek constant intellectual stimulation. Furthermore, these partners share a great amount of enthusiasm and energy coupled by constant communication. Just like Air that represents a Gemini, they are very active, feeling tireless and always on the go- from work to partying all night. A couple of this same sign will probably spend so little time at home as they will oftentimes be with friends. Gemini are also very diplomatic and are well-liked by others but their sociable personality could be construed as flirting. Since neither of the couple are overly attached, they will let this pass. Up to what extent though?
Gemini couples are also very versatile, they are blessed with resourcefulness which allows them to adapt to whatever the situation requires. They have mastered the art of compromise so long as their doing so will help the greater good. However, having two like-minded Geminis will have to go through a lot of discussions to get to this point. What's good about this union is that Geminis would rather conform to a norm instead of standing their ground making heated arguments and fighting in general a rare situation.
While it's true that two Gemini partners have a lot in common, their similarities can either make or break the relationship. The versatility and thirst for variety of a Gemini can sometimes result to being flighty in their decisions. Same goes in terms of forming a lasting relationship, their playful demeanor overpowers the need to have a serious outlook. Also, having the passion to learn and explore new ventures does not mean that a couple of the same Gemini sign will end up with the same direction. Without the foundation of a strong desire to be with each other, since Gemini think with their brain and not with their heart, whenever they foresee that the relationship is not worth investing on or get bored with its direction, they won't think twice in moving on toward something new.
The challenge is to continuously keep the fire between the two Geminis, learning and adventure feeds this relationship. They need to use their communication and flexible prowess to see each other's point of view and adapt. This could end up with a debate or an argument of some sort but a good brain work-out just the same. Keep in mind that both Geminis enjoy finding out about new things so they can look forward to each other for information. In a sense, Gemini fall in love with the person's brain power. Because of this, respect for each other's intellect is also a key factor in this union. 
Sadly, the relationship between two Geminis starts strong but does not last long. The aim for stability is a question mark as this union continues. Two playful, impulsive and flirtatious Geminis will not want to settle down on a lasting relationship unless someone steps up and set the foundation for it. It's only when this couple learn to be serious and recognize their emotions instead of doing all things logically that there is a chance of happiness for them. In situations where they stay together long enough to learn and appreciate the value of stability that they would be able to save one another from a monotonous lifestyle. Moreover, they will provide each other a challenging and intellectual companionship that will ensure this partnership is a success in the long run. This reflects just how much accomplishments a Gemini couple can do as compared to treating them individually.


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