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Compatibility Gemini and Taurus


Gemini and Taurus have very little in common. While Gemini love variety and change just like how Air moves from one place to another, Taurus appreciate stability and solitude being an Earth element. Additionally, Gemini are highly spontaneous individuals, very flexible and resourceful. They thrive on the thrill that adventure offers and utilize their wit and communication prowess to find their way. Taurus, on the other are private individuals. They prefer being in the country where they could enjoy peace and quiet and away from the bustling and noisy city. Because of this, Gemini considers the Taurus as predictable and boring to be with. While Gemini want to go out with friends and hang out, Taurus will prefer a quiet evening at home. Being the more analytic partner, Gemini will also find it difficult to understand why it'll take some time for Taurus to come up with solutions to problems. It's not that Taurus is not smart at all but they take the time to come up with a measured and definitive approach. Also, Gemini has very little patience, while patience and prudence are the middle names of Taurus. In the mind of a Taurus, their Gemini partner is too undependable, flighty and playful. It would be difficult for them to cope up with Gemini's hectic schedule and would not understand why they don't take a break and focus. In the process, Taurus' patience will definitely be tested and Gemini's adaptive personality will have to come to the surface for this union to work.
Gemini is not as emotionally attached as Taurus who value commitment. For Gemini, marriage is a scary concept especially at the start of the relationship. In their mind, marriage may mean the end of adventures and settling down from their busy social life. Even though not overly emotional, Gemini has their way of manifesting themselves as a humanitarian. They are objective, cooperative and want to help make the world a better place to live in. There's no prejudice in a Gemini, they use their analytic and idealist mind to see the best in things. This is something that Taurus can hold on to in their pursuit for their Gemini lover.
The subject of marriage is another area where Taurus' patience will again be tested. The good  thing about Taurus is that they are grounded and dependable. They're not fond of taking risks but they are born builders as Earth is the building block of nature. Powered by their love for their Gemini partner, their stubborn personality could make them rooted onto their decision to continuously build the relationship, more concerned with the finish line and not minding the treacherous journey they'll be taking. With great amounts of perseverance and patience from Taurus, Gemini will come around the idea of marriage eventually.
Gemini's sociable and busy lifestyle coupled by their spontaneous nature also come in conflict with Taurus' love for solitude and need for commitment. Gemini has an outgoing personality while Taurus is a home-buddy. Additionally, Taurus may have a hard time comprehending Gemini's pre-occupied lifestyle. Gemini are fueled by their quest for knowledge, adventure and fun that they fail to realize the domestic affairs happening around them. Taurus, being the more emotional partner equate this to giving least priority, time and effort on the relationship. In this regard, Gemini may not be able to fulfill Taurus' need for commitment. Gemini have to go the extra mile to make the Taurus understand that a lack of attention doesn't mean a lack of thought and love.
The key to the success of this complicated union depends on how strong their love is for one another coupled by good communication. Fortunately, these two signs have their own share of these two attributes- Gemini, the communicator and Taurus, the lover. With the right words and negotiation prowess of the Gemini, Taurus' sense of determination and strength of purpose to pursue the love for the Gemini gets highlighted. Furthermore, Gemini should use their versatility and resourceful characteristics to understand Taurus' stable and sometimes stubborn nature and make themselves adapt by changing to a less playful disposition. In the same way, Taurus should understand how important freedom is to the Gemini and keep in mind that too much jealousy can suffocate the sociable Gemini. Since communication is the best way to deal with a Gemini, Taurus must also learn to be more vocal about their feelings. In return, Gemini has to take a breather from their social adventures to appreciate the homely care of their Taurus partner.
Clearly, these two signs come from two different perspectives and their tandem would be a tough one. They need to find a common ground where both can meet in between and appreciate one another's strengths and not focus on their weaknesses. Once they do, their relationship will withstand the challenges that come their way.


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