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Types of Psychic Abilities

Psychic ability is innate in all of us. We all have an inner sense that is just sleeping within us. Psychics are aware of this and thus gave effort to awaken and develop this skill.

Below are some of the common abilities that psychic's possess:

Aura Reading:

Aura is a vital, subtle, luminous energy circle that envelopes and radiates within and around each human being. The part of the aura around the head is represented as nimbus or halo to depict the saints, angels, and enlightened beings. The elevated and awakened human beings have more brilliant auras. The variegated aura radiates the thoughts and emotions, which keep changing according to the person’s state of mind. The psychics and clairvoyants can see and read the auras and understand the mental make up of the person.

Clairvoyance: psychic abilities

Clairvoyance means seeing or sensing the images clearly. In the psychic context, seeing clearly is a form of extra sensory perception of distant objects, people and events. Clairvoyance also includes seeing through the space and time and detecting the energy like radio waves.


Clairaudience means clear hearing of divinatory information received as sound. The physical ears, however, do not hear the sound. It is a kind of extension of extrasensory perception, an ability to perceive sounds and voices. Clairvoyance also includes auditory or kinesthetic impressions. The psychics use this ability to hear the sounds and voices associated with the spirits of the deceased people.


Clairsentience is a superphysical tool that is used by the psychics and involves physical sensations that contribute to an overall psychic and intuitive impression.


Intuition, a gut feeling, is yet another powerful psychic ability that comes very handy as the psychic does not have to make any special effort to evoke it. Intuition means knowing without the use the physical senses. Intuition means immediate apprehension, cognition or direct knowledge without using the normal thought processes or logical inferences.

Psychic Eye:

The psychic eye is also termed as the third eye or the sixth sense. The psychic eye radiates beacon light to a man engulfed in darkness. The origin of the phrase of psychic ‘eye’ can also be traced to the existence of pineal gland in the central backside of the brain.





Besides these there are many other psychic abilities such as trance, astral projection, clairsentience, dream interpretation, precognition, psychometry, empathy and many more.

Discuss the development of your psychic abilities with a professional psychic

If you are as curious about developing your psychic ability, here are some things you can do to awaken your ability and know how to become a psychic.

First, be at peace.

Removing yourself from all negativities is the first step. Knowing your body and having it in sync with your mind can help a lot in developing your skill. Having a peace of mind can help you concentrate in accomplishing your goal, which is to awaken your psychic ability.

Second, slow your pace.

This world is so fast-paced that there are so many things we do not take time to notice anymore. Slowing your pace can help you see. It can help you strengthened your sensitivity with what is around you. This can also help avoid information overload. Because when you have enough time to think and feel then you are allowing your body enough time to reach out to your spirit guides.

Third, stop, look, listen.

A cliché phrase that relates to stoplights and life but still sends out the right message. To develop your psychic ability is to develop your inner senses and this cannot be achieved if you do not stop to think, look at everything around you, and listen to all kinds of noises. You have to be able to use your senses to its full potential.

Fourth, write everything down.

From your everyday experiences to your dreams. Being aware of everything that is happening in your life can make you aware how energies and spirit guides work in your life. You will come to understand human experiences better and how being a psychic can help. Dreams maybe one of the most common channels how messages are transmitted to us. Writing down your dreams can help you relate it to your experiences in the succeeding days thereafter. Knowing the relationship of the two can help you develop intuition. This exercise can also help you interpret dreams and the meaning behind it.

Fifth, have no doubts.

You should have no doubts in developing your skill. If you do not believe in yourself then you cannot be a fit channel for such ability. Contradicting energies is always not good even for experienced psychic. And so having second thoughts will just obstruct the flow of energy that can awaken your sleeping psychic ability. Trust that you are ready, trust that you are capable, and trust your principles.

Knowing how to psychic comes from experiences and heightened sensitivity to messages sent to you. The above-mentioned tips can help you develop your inner senses so that you can start sensing and be more aware of the psychic energies that surround you. Just keep in mind that being a psychic is a great responsibility and that there is no turning back halfway. A genuine psychic helps anyone who asks for it- so be one.


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