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Fortune Telling

A close synonym for fortune telling is divination, derived from ‘divine’ which also means ‘godly’. Logically, therefore, fortune telling is a divinely inspired activity. You meet a psychic or a fortune teller and ask him to predict your future in respect of your problem. You tell your problem or in some cases, you do not have to do even that. The fortune teller releases a stream of statements about your past, present or even future, which surprise you by their accuracy. You rightly attribute this miracle to some mystical or supernatural powers that an ordinary person does not possess. You come to the right conclusion that this man must be blessed by this gift from his birth, or, he might have inherited it from his parents or grandparents. Another way of explaining this is that the predictor has a psychic eye, the sixth sense or the superfine intuition that helps him see through veils of time and matter what cannot be seen by an ordinary person.

The fortune teller, besides using his own personal intuitive powers, has access to the other world, the astral world or the spirit world . The spirits, divested of limitations of the human body, move about freely and know every thing that the man with his five physical senses cannot grasp. Communication with the spirits, generally obtained through trance is another tool that helps the predictor in fortune telling.

 Historically speaking, initially, fortune telling or prediction was used to forecast the weather conditions to help the farmers in sowing and reaping of crops and also the advent of good times or calamities. This was done by studying the position of stars and planets, drawing conclusions over a passage of time and applying those conclusions in farming activities. Later on the same planetary positions came to be applied to individual human situations as well. Thus was born the science of astrology as it is understood today and it became a potent tool for fortune telling. The science of astrology was used to rationalize and reinforce what the fortuneteller saw with his third eye, through his intuition and or communication with the spirits through trance.

Later on, with the passage of time, as the human problems multiplied in diversity and complexity, more predictive tools either came to light accidentally or were developed by human effort. These included, besides astrology, crystal ball gazing, tarot card reading, numerology, physiognomy, palmistry, dream analysis and so on. The evolution of the art of fortune telling has been multicultural and multicivilizational, with each civilization or culture having contributed to the science of fortune telling to bring it to its present stage of accuracy and perfection. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Babylonians, Mesopotamians, the Chinese, Indians and many more have contributed and learnt from each other.

Using Tarot Cards to make Predictions

As mentioned above, tarot cards are an important and popular tool used for fortune telling. Tarot cards are a set of 78 cards bearing pictures and symbols that are used to get information about the states of being and the future of a person.

Numerology - another important psychic tool

Numerology is an ancient science that assigns certain mystical values, vibrations and characteristics to the number of characters and digits in a person’s name and date, place of birth and then by adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying those digits arrives at predictive conclusions.

Fortune telling and the crystal ball

Crystal gazing has been used since ancient times to tell the future of a person. A crystal is a spherical or oval shaped globe roughly of four-inch diameter or the size of an orange. Crystal gazers usually prefer a genuine rock crystal, though glass globes are also used. The crystal and stand are inscribed with certain characters which help the fortune teller use his visionary prowess to solve many problems of crime including the lost person, stolen goods, health related issues and so on.

Chinese Psychic

In China, fortunetellers act as management consultants and psychotherapists. As management consultants they advise the businessmen about the risks and potentials of investment in certain businesses. It is a common practice in China to receive inputs from the predictors to select a business from many available options. As psychotherapists, they resolve the human resource management, labor disputes and other administrative issues.

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