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Out of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experiences

Statistics show that at least one in every ten people has an out of body experience or more of perceiving and apparition during their lives. An out of body experience is one where one thinks they are leaving their body and many of them have the experience of actually seeing it from another point in space. People have had out of body experiences-OBE since times immemorial, though this term, its description and documentation have taken place only recently.

This psychic phenomenon may seem greatly alarming to a person experienceing an out of body experience as they may think they are dead. It is such an intense psychic experience that it may still seem alarming to those who know about or have experienced out of body experiences before, as they have a fear of not being able to getting back into their body.


What Exactly is an Out of Body Experience?

The out of body experience happens spontaneously and varies from person to person. They may be lying down one minute, then hear a sound and then they seem to float out of alignment with the body so that they have the experience of observing the room from a different position in space and not through the physical eyes and viewing themselves doing what they were left doing.

During the out of body experience, some individuals find they float out of their body horizontally through the head, others slip out through their feet or roll out sideways. And sometimes they are cataleptic (unable to move any of their muscles) sometimes they are not. Some individuals see a sort of long grayish tube adjoining their bodies, others don’t. Sometimes the conscious is dual, and there have been cases reported where the two bodies are seen to talk to each other.

Out of body experience, as the term suggests, is a kind of   feeling or awareness of what happens when the real entity that keeps the body alive and functioning leaves it. This entity is called soul or spirit. It is this entity that undergoes the experiences at the time it leaves the body as dead. It is believed that the soul acquires the body of light similar to its physical body. It gets detached and can, therefore, view the physical body quite objectively.

But then, how can the survivors come to know about the out-of-body experiences of the soul, the invisible entity? The obvious answer is that it is the soul itself that narrates them after it re-enters the body, makes it alive once again and speaks like a normal person.

Normally the whole process takes place when the doctors declare a person clinically dead, but are able to resuscitate him back to life. The intriguing revival of the dead person back to life, naturally, rouses the curiosity of both the doctors and the common people and they wish to know about his/her out-of-body experience.


How to have out of body experience?


But can a living person also have the out-of-body experience without actually going through the pangs death? The answer is yes. You can simulate the whole process of leaving the body and experience what happens during those crucial moments of migration from the mundane to the spiritual plane of existence.

The ancient Indian saints and sages practised the art of having out-of-body experiences. They knew how it felt when the soul left the body.

 They perfected the whole process and documented it in the scriptures. There are still many around who can call up the out-of-body experiences. The whole process is known as dhyan, Samadhi, a spiritual or mystical state that can be attained through a profoundly deep meditation.

 Common people often have out-of-body experiences even without physically dying. They, in fact, die in dreams during sleep. The type of OBEs you have depends primarily on what you have accumulated in your sub-conscious, your beliefs, cultural, religious and social background.


OBE through lucid dreams


Lucid dreams are defined as those where the subjects retain awareness that what they are seeing is not a reality but only a dream. An important feature of lucid dreams is that people, who develop higher levels of awareness, can direct the sequence of events in them. Thus they can also create lucid dreams about out-of-body experiences.

Psychics, who hold séance sessions, often have out of body experiences. They communicate with their own spirit guides as well as the spirits and ghosts of the recently dead people for the benefit of their survivors.

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