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Psychic PSI

What is Psi?

If someone mentions the letters PSI (or “psi”), what ideas or thoughts would first pop into your head? If you check a standard dictionary, the term PSI refers to the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. It is also an acronym for the words psyche, psychic or parapsychological and, therefore, it stands for the study of the psychic issues, powers or abilities which are the cornerstones of the realm of psychics.

However, the term could also refer to psychic phenomena (or anything paranormal).  In psychic parlance however, the term was actually coined by a British psychologist named Robert Thouless, who in 1942 published an article in the British Journal of Psychology. Let’s take a brief, but quite deeper look at the true meaning of psychic PSI.

Psi is the twenty third letter of the Greek Alphabet, and is used in parapsychology to include extra sensory perception and psycho kinesis.

In 1930s, Joseph Banks Rhine, a young psychology professor at Duke University in North Carolina, was looking for evidence of a strange and remarkable capability that he called extrasensory perception, or simply ESP. Extrasensory perception is perception that is presumed to be completely independent of the known senses, such as hearing and sighting.

Rhine’s investigation had particularly focused on four extrasensory phenomena:

Telepathy, also known as mind reading, direct mental communication between two persons.
Clairvoyance, also known as second sight, the specific perception of an event or object through means that do not involve the known senses.
Precognition, the perceiving of future events without deducing their occurrence from existing knowledge.
Psychokinesis, the use of mind’s power to effect change in external matter.

What is the origin of the Psi or psychic powers?

Psychic powers or abilities have their origin in human psyche, a Greek word, which means mind, soul or spirit. The world of psyche or the soul has oceanic vastness and depth. It is replete with priceless jewels and pearls of wisdom and mystical experience. While describing the infiniteness of psychic or spiritual knowledge, the ancient Indian sages have used the word twice to emphasize their experience from their search in this field-neti-neti meaning no end, no end.

Whatever power of psyche is visible can be likened with the proverbial tip of the iceberg. But if you try to dive deep in order to fathom its depth or reach its root, you will realize that you still need to dive deeper.
The whole process of diving deep into the realm of spirit is called MEDITATION- which approximately means going deep within oneself or within one’s soul or spirit.

But the positive part of this heroic and adventurous pursuit in spiritual realm is that your deeper and riskier dives—through meditation- do not go in vain. Each new leap downwards rewards you with discoveries of invaluable repertoire of mystical knowledge and thrilling experience, which encourages you to take newer risks of deeper dives.

Together, these four areas have come to constitute what is now called psi, a word derived from the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet, which is sometimes used in scientific equations to stand for an unknown quantity.

Psi phenomena often seem to defy the known laws for science. But history has indicated scientific laws can change. The 17th century physics of Sir Isaac Newton, for example, was extended by the 20th century physics of Albert Einstein. Rhine once wrote in 1937, ‘in the history of more than one branch of research a long-unrecognized phenomenon has turned out to be the key to a great discovery. The stone which a hasty science rejected has sometimes become the corner stone of its later structure.

Many theories have been established about PSI, mainly centering on the quasi-physical theories of its functions. However it is believed to operate outside the bounds of time and space and it does not require the exchange of energies.

What Are The Different Types of Psychic PSI?

The quest in the domain of spirit through meditation has been going on for millennia, since the recorded history of human existence and those who ventured in this field have been rewarded with an array of fabulous psychic powers and abilities. Some of these are:
1. Intuition

Intuition is feeling, an inner voice, which tells the host that something unusual is about to occur. It is a kind of warning or a signal that requires the person to re-think their plans or course of action. Another feature of intuition is that is often fleeting, the feeling or its awareness disappears, if you ignore or dismiss it as figment of their imagination or start reasoning it out.

2. Clairvoyance

A word of French origin, clairvoyance means seeing clearly not with physical eyes, but with mental or spiritual eyes. The significance of this word is so popular and gripping that most people substitute the word psychics with clairvoyants.

 Psychics see clear visions and images on their mental screens  of not only what is going to happen in future, but also of what might have happened in the past and of course, what may be happening now if the whole action is taking place somewhere else.

3. Telepathy

An English version of an ancient Greek word, telepathy means having a feeling, knowledge or perception of what may be happening at a distant location or in the mind of some person. The term is also used for transmission of information from one source to another without using any conventional means or channels of communication.

 In practical terms, telepathy means that the psychics can perceive or have feeling of what is transpiring or may have transpired at some distant place with reference to the problem or question they might be mulling over.

According to psychic researchers and adherents, there are different types or categories of psychic abilities. The level of psychic power however, will depend or vary with each person. Among the common psychic PSI abilities include, channeling, automatic writing, clairvoyance, divination, mediumship, precognition,  ESP (extrasensory perception), clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, psychometry, psychokinesis, telepathy, remote viewing and more. Let’s define a few more of these psychic abilities:

  1. Clairaudience -The ability to hear voices or sounds that are not normally audible.
  2. Divination – The ability to predict or foretell the future by the practice of occult arts such as Tarot cards and others.
  3. ESP – The ability to perceive or gain perception apart from using the normal human senses.
  4. Mediumship – the ability to channel information from an outside source (like a spirit guide).
  5. Precognition – The ability to see ahead of time, or the ability to have a premonition of a future even or happening.
  6. Clairsentience -    The ability to perceive or sense an event, for which the five senses is not able to do.
  7. Psychometry – The ability to gain information or knowledge about an object or person, through the simple touch or contact with the object.
  8. Psychokinesis - The ability to move different objects, through the use of the mind.
  9.  Automatic Writing – The ability to write through using the subconscious mind, without using conscious thought. 
  10. Remote Viewing – The ability to see, or describe a place, person or object without being in their presence.
  11. Telepathy – The art of conducting mind to mind communication.

Where Do Psychic Powers Come From?

Although no one has yet concretely documented, or shown,  where psychic ability emanates from (or where it’s sourced), most psychic researchers say that human beings only use ten percent of their brain. Thus, if the individual is able to balance the left and right sides of the brain, then it could perhaps open up a  pathway to the part of the brain which humans don’t normally use, and which is believed to store (or hide)certain  psychic abilities.

For a person to fully unleash his or her psychic potentials, trust, discernment of intuition and prolonged use or practice is required. While this could be a long, tough and mind-boggling process, the effects, and perhaps the potential benefits, could be truly worth the hardship and sacrifice. 

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