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Psychic Visions

Everybody, whether he is ‘psychic’ or not, sees visions in his life that leave him baffled, for these visions are not dreams but premonitions that in the near future translate into reality. The visions are related to what one desires, loves, or hates. The intensity of our thoughts and desires—whether of love or hatred-defines the strength, quality, clarity and the continuity of the visions before the mind’s eye.

There is, however, a great difference between the visions perceived by a layman and a psychic vision. In the case of a layman, the vision may not have substance, the energy or the consciousness and despite the intensity of the focus, the vision may only reflect his attitude towards the person or the situation.

The psychic visions that the psychic sees are fundamentally different from those seen by the layman in that the psychic sees the vision of the astral body of the person and not necessarily his physical body. The astral body, depending upon the stage of its development, is made up of subtle, vibrant, powerful light energy and is capable of communicating and cooperating with the psychic in respect of the problems that are placed before it. The vision of the astral body may also be the guiding spirit of the client. It may even be of an angel.

Among the different types of psychics, the ones who possess the ability to see visions, or possess “clear sight” (or clairvoyance) are perhaps one of the most intriguing (and most sought-after) individuals, because they don’t just have the ability to take a peek into the future, but they could also gain information on different aspects, whether it's the  person’s health, career or relationship fortunes. Let’s dwell more on the intriguing, yet interesting world of psychic visions.

What Are The Types of Psychic Visions?

According to psychic researchers, there are actually two major types of psychic visions – voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary visions are usually called as “remote viewing”, wherein the psychic conditions his mind and abilities, towards detecting or finding something which was tasked or given to them. For example, police and other law-enforcement agencies employ psychics to locate, or apprehend criminals. Involuntary visions are those that naturally occur during the psychic’s sleep, or meditation, and are not due to the requests or insistence of the subject or client. .

When Do Psychic Visions Occur?

Most psychic visions (whether voluntary or involuntary) usually occur or take place  anytime. This means that it could take place when the psychic is fully awake, sleeping or in a meditative or trance-like state. The quality of the visions however, sometimes varies, as some visions will become so vivid and clear, while others tend to be murky, or unclear. For experience psychics, accessing and controlling visions could be quite easy, as they will have already become a “continuous and readily-available” second sight. 

Are There Any Drawbacks or Pitfalls Of Having Psychic Vision?

If the are a lot of positives with having psychic vision, some however point out that there could be potential drawbacks or roadblocks to the one who has the power to see things remotely. For example, there’s such as thing as “psychic overload”. This happens when the psychic absorbs too much information or vibes, and in the process absorbs the negative or discordant energies of others. Psychic overload could also lead to physical and emotional fatigue, aching muscles and bones, and even the development of pimples and acne on the psychic’s face. Some psychic visionaries also complain of feeling the physical and emotional pain or distress of the people they advise or consult with. This is because some psychics over-identify or over-relate with their client or subject’s problems, thus they now will begin to feel the pain and sorrow that their subjects or clients feel.

Psychic Visions in history

The history of the world abounds with true stories of psychic visions about the impending natural calamities seen by the well-known or famous psychics and how they proved true in the long run. The sad part of the story is that the agnostics refused to heed them and as a result, humanity suffered.

Can the ability to see psychic visions be developed?

Psychic ability to see the psychic visions can be developed by conscious efforts, though some persons are born with the gift of intuition, just as others are born mathematicians, scientists, athletes and so on. It is quite possible to acquire awareness of the subtle energies and the ability to see psychic visions through hard work, dedication, and concentration.

If you think you have potential psychic vision skills or abilities, here are a number of ways on how to harness, and fully unleash it. First,  try your best to achieve “deliberate clarity”. To do this, train yourself to be more aware of your surroundings. Notice the shift, or force of the wind, sense the changes in sunlight, notice the movement of shadows, and listen to the chirping of the birds and bees, as well as the movements of other people animals in your surroundings. Next, regularly meditate, and allow your mind to freely wander into the deeper depths of the subconscious. This should help create an opening for psychic visions or messages to enter, and manifest themselves. Also learn to trust your gut feel, as well as make it a habit to write down all the thoughts and visions you see (regardless of whether they mean something or not.

What's a vision? And do psychics have the ability to see visions, or premonitions? Well, if you look at the dictionary, a "vision" is defined as "the faculty or state of being able to see". A vision is also defined as the "experience of seeing someone or something, in a trance or dream, as a mysterious or supernatural apparition. Let's talk further about psychic visions, and see if they are helpful to both the psychic, as well as to the ordinary individual.

When Do The Visions Occur?

According to psychic phenomena researchers, psychic visions often take place in different situations or states. It could occur in a dream, and during the psychic's meditation. It could also pop up suddenly when the psychic is fully awake.  For veteran psychics, accessing and manipulating (or controlling) visions should be quite easy, because they're already used to it, and they're capable of harnessing their second sight or "third eye".

What Are The Different Types Of Visions?

There are basically two types or classifications f psychic visions. These are voluntary and involuntary visions. An involuntary vision happens when the psychic prepares or conditions his mindset, to find or detect something that was tasked, or told to him/her. An involuntary vision is also referred to as "remote viewing. An involuntary vision is one which suddenly pops out or occurs, even when the psychic is asleep, or in a deep trance (and are not due to the request or insistence of the customer/client).

What Are The Downsides Of Seeing Visions?

While there are definitely a lot of good things to say about a psychic's ability to see visions, there are however, a couple of downsides or drawbacks to it. One of the potential drawbacks is the possibility of the psychic getting an "overload" of visions. This can happen when the psychic gets or absorbs too much information, and he or she in the process inadvertently absorbs the negative or bad energies of other entities or people. Some psychics have also complained that they feel physical and emotional pain, especially when they see distressing or very negative visions. With the absorption of too much negative emotions or energies, the psychic could also start to feel the sorrow and pain that their subjects or clients feel.  

If you think you have the early signs of potential psychic vision skills, there are actually a number of ways on how you can fully harness it. First, you will need to meditate regularly. Meditation is very helpful for budding psychics, because it will train them to be more aware of their surroundings. It also enables them to let their mind wander freely, especially into the depths of their subconscious. A visit to an experienced and reputable psychic would also do wonders, because the veteran psychic can teach you the fundamentals about psychic research, and he or she could also give you a few helpful tips on how to sharpen your abilities quickly, and use it properly.   

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