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Psychic dowsing is a form of divination, where a forked rod, bent wire or pendulum to find people, animals, objects and substances.

Dowsing has many applications including: finding underground water, oil, coal, minerals, cables and pipes. It has also been used in locating missing persons, murder victims and murderers, as well as locating lost objects and animals, and mapping archaeological sites before digging begins.

Dowsing is also used to diagnose illnesses.

Dowsing is an ancient art form, and dates back some seven thousand years ago. Ancient Egyptians portrayed dowsers with forked rods and headdresses with antennae.

During the Middle Ages, dowsing was used through out Britain and Europe to locate deposits, and since it was associated with the supernatural, it gave rise to such names as “water witching” and “wizard’s rod.”

Psychic ability is thought to play a key role in the art of dowsing. The dowser may also have innate psychic ability to tune into the person, substance, or whatever is being sought.

As the dowser approaches the right location, the rod begins to twitch, and jerk up and down, in some cases very violently.

Dowsing Tools

Forked dowsing sticks usually are made of hazel, ash, rowan, or willow, and occasionally metal, whalebone, and plastic. Wands or bobbers are stripped tree branches, stiff wires, or the ends of fishing rods, which have been weighted on one end.

Angle rods are made of metal. In Europe the rod has given way to the pendulum, which is suspended on a string and rotates in response to questions or as a dowser, scans a map.

The dowser usually “tunes” the instrument by concentration and visual images. Dowsers used in finding a missing person may first hold their instrument over a personal item belonging to that person.

Some exceptionally skilled dowsers have learnt to dowse without a tool. Famous psychic Uri Geller, a renowned Israeli known for his psychokinetic mental bending, learned to dowse with using nothing but his hands, holding them outstretched with palms facing down.

When he locates the object, he feels a resisting force on his palms, similar to the effect created by putting together two similar poles of a magnet together.

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