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Para means beyond, and paranormal phenomenon is one that is beyond the normal experience and understanding of an ordinary man. It cannot be explained or rationalized by the available sources of knowledge or the laws of science that are based upon reason and logic. Paranormal phenomenon challenges the assumptions of physical possibilities according to the scientific definitions and explanations.

The word paranormal has been coined only recently-- some time during 1915-1920. The normal world is one that can be explained through scientific and rational wisdom and that which lies beyond, somewhere else and cannot be visualized and rationalized is paranormal.

The world of the paranormal is much vaster, deeper and higher than can be grasped by physical senses and the available knowledge. What we see and call normal is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. What lies below the tip is truly unfathomable. It almost appears rootless as we dive deeper and deeper to assess its magnitude. This hidden part, that needs to be explored, is full of baffling mysteries. This is paranormal. 
People have been looking for help and guidance from the divine entities living in the world beyond to find answers to some of the fundamental questions of existence and solutions to a host of mysterious problems that cannot be resolved through the conventional wisdom. This quest has been going on since we have the recorded history of human struggle and continues to date despite vast strides of progress made by science and technology.
Science has been persistently denying the existence of paranormal world despite the fact that it has, of late, started to acknowledge the existence of some of the paranormal phenomena.

It has, for example, accepted the phenomenon of rebirth through the proofs of the past life provided by some young children.

Some eminent psychologists working in renowned educational institutes and universities have studied several cases of young children revealing the identities of their family members in the past life and places they currently live in.
They have also narrated the reasons behind the injury marks on their bodies even though nothing happened to them to cause those marks in the present life. The children have provided verifiable proofs and evidence of their assertions in minute detail forcing the researchers to accept them as true.

The syllable ‘para’ in paranormal leads some persons to equate it with parapsychology, which studies psychical processes like:

Paranormal does include these subjects among many other issues that lie beyond the ambit of parapsychology. For example, the letters ‘psi’ is actually the 23rd letter of Greek alphabet and the first syllable of the word psyche. Parapsychologists generally use this term to describe all types of psychic phenomena, experiences and observations that are relevant to psyche and mind, but cannot be rationalized by the established scientific laws.

The fact of the matter is that the problems brought to the attention of the psychics are by themselves of extraordinary or paranormal nature. People approach psychics when they have exhausted all the available scientific and rational sources for their resolution. Medical science has made tremendous advances in diagnosis and treatment of almost all the diseases that afflict the man and yet there are numerous cases of ordinary looking health problems that defy the best medical expertise of eminent doctors. Numerous such cases referred to famous psychic Edgar Cayce by the eminent doctors themselves have been documented which he treated successfully to their utter astonishment. His diagnosis of the aliments using complicated and sophisticated medical terms baffled them all the more because as an ordinary person he had nothing to do with medicine and surgery.

The way he arrived at his diagnostic conclusions and successful medical prescriptions such as castor oil massage in quite a number severe health conditions were astonishing because of his unbelievable naiveté and simplicity. He would lie down on his bed, and enter into a state of trance and start describing the causes and origin of the problem suggesting the remedies. The process defies all scientific explanations. This is paranormal....

Trance is just one of the many paranormal tools the Psychics use for the benefit of the ailing community or those encountering similar difficult problems A seemingly normal person is haunted by an inexplicable fear. Sleeping and waking, walking or taking he feels possessed and obsessed by an unknown something that makes him sick and paranoid. The psychic sets up a line of communication with his spirit guides or angels in the astral world and comes up with the reasons of his paranoia and also the treatment, both of which are surprising for their extraordinary and unexpected simplicity.

There is a multitude of such problems, which are as varied and unique-non-classifiable, as are the individuals themselves who encounter them. They relate to the business, relationships, litigations, failures, property, travel, marriage, divorce, love affairs and so on. The list can be interminable. Depending upon the nature and severity of the problems, the psychics use their tools to resolve them. There are psychics who just do not need to be told the problem. They just understand it the moment you contact them and they also come up with its resolution. They have superfine intuition, the sixth sense, or the third. This is paranormal.

Perinormal phenomena

Another interesting term that is similar to paranormal and owes it origin to Greek language is   peri-normal. The prefix peri means approximate.

Perinormal refers to phenomenon, which was earlier regarded as paranormal and hence a figment of imagination, but has, of late, acquired some degree of approval by the scientific community because it was found to be approximately rational and verifiable through laboratory tests.

The above mentioned studies involving young children who remembered their past life is one such example of perinormal phenomenon. The other phenomenon, which was earlier rejected by Science related to the existence of electromagnetic fields—EMFs. It has, of late, also been proved to be real and, therefore, has been accepted as such by the scientific communities. Other examples of perinormal phenomena are intuition, empathy, telepathy, ghosts, spirits, ESP and many more.
It should be noted that the peri-normal phenomena still remains a subject of further scientific investigation and is expected to be fully accepted within the fold of rational subjects in course of time.
What, in fact, boils down from the above discussion is that we should not reject any phenomenon, belief or experience simply because it cannot stand the tests of science. What we have been labelling as paranormal, may be accepted as perfectly rational and scientific in course of time.

Various psychics develop their special expertise like many other professionals. They use various techniques and tools to grapple with the questions and problems of the seekers. The psychic tools include:

Each tool that the psychic uses is paranormal in its ultimate eye that straightway goes to the root of the malaise. There is no scientific explanation for this faculty of intuition analysis. Astrology, for example is explained with astronomical positioning and movement s of stars and planets. Astrologers use the date and time of birth of a person to draw charts and diagrams in relation to the planetary movements. But ultimately it is their paranormal psychic intuition that helps them arrive at the accurate predictions. 

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